Yvonne was a dancer. Justin was a popstar. When they meet up by chance at a tryout for Justin's dancers they instantly fall in love. This match made in heaven is hit with problem after problem like death, being stranded, jealousy, betrayal and more. The only thing holding Yvonne and Justin together is the love and devotion that they have towards one another.


19. Where am I?

 Yvonne's POV

  I woke up and Justin was gone. I looked at the clock on my bedside table. 12:30!!! I slept through half of the day! I jumped out of bed. I looked down and saw that I was naked. Suddenly last nights events came back to me. I went to grab  my clothes off the floor. I threw them in the hamper and I grabbed some sweatpants out of the dresser. I pulled a bra on and went to look for a shirt. Justin's shirt was still on the floor so I just wore that.

  I walked down stairs and into the kitchen wear Justin was making pancakes. "Smells good" I said. He jumped a little and then smiled at me. "Good morning baby." He said pecking me on the lips. I smiled back at him. He finished cooking the pancakes and i set the table. We sat down and ate. 

 "I made plans" Justin said. He was looking at his pancakes while he spoke.

 "What are they..." I asked a little bit worried at what Justin might have planned.

 "Well I was thinking..... well you don't have too I can always cancel..." he started still not looking up.

 "Justin. Just tell me." I said.

 "Well I made plans for us to travel all around the world." He looked up. "Together."

 I choked on my food. Did he just say what I think he said. I sat there staring at him. He blushed and a look of regret crossed his face. "I mean you don't have to but I thought you would want to I will just cal and cancel." He got up and so did I. I ran over to him and jump on him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and I kissed him. "YES...YES...YES!!" I said in between kisses. He was taken by surprise at first but then he wrapped his arms around me and I rested my head on his shoulder. 

 "Why would you think I wouldn't want to go?" I asked

 "I don't know. I was just nervous about telling you I guess." He smiled down at me as he set me down. 

"Well I can't wait to go." I pecked him on the lips and I asked when we were leaving. 

 "We are leaving tomorrow. We should probably pack today though because we leave in the morning."

 I ran upstairs and he chased me. I ran through parts of the mansion I haven't even been in yet. He was still chasing me. "I'm gonna get you!!!" He yelled. 

 "You can try!!" I yelled. I slowed down a bit so he could catch up but as soon as he got close I darted off again. I saw him stop to catch his breath. I kept running though. I ran up more stairs. I wasn't paying attention to where I was because soon enough I got lost. I started walking around still lost. I had no idea where I was going. I wish I had my phone. I would be able to call Justin to come and get me. It was really creepy up here alone. I stopped walking when I walked into a room. The room was fairly nice. It had a big couch and a fireplace. There was a flat screen above the fireplace. As I was looking around someone came up behind me and screamed as they grabbed my shoulders. I screamed and turned around. Justin fell on the floor cracking up. I hit him playfully. "Fuck You" I said. As I sat on the couch. "Ok" Justin whispered in my ear. He was standing right behind me. I gave him a dirty look and he smiled and laughed a little. He stood in front of me and went to give me a kiss but I turned my head. He pouted. "come on!!!!" "Nope." "Fine." he said and with that he sat on me. I could barely breath. I tried to push him off with one hand because he was sitting on the other. "Justin.. Get off of me" I said trying not to laugh. "Not until I get a kiss." "Not happening." I said.

 "Fine then I'm not moving." He said. "Wanna bet?" I said. I pinched his butt. He fell of of me. I started cracking up as he got up. He made another pouty face as he rubbed his bottom. I couldn't stop laughing. Eventually I calmed down and Justin sat next to me. He turned on the TV and it was all over the news. 

 Reporter: "Pop Star Justin Bieber's girlfriend, Yvonne Dixon's parents died two nights ago in a tragic car accident. Officials say that a drunk driver slammed into the driver side of the Dixon's car. Mr. Dixon died on the way to the emergency room and Mrs. Dixon died In the Intensive Care Unit. The drunk driver is still in critical condition. There is No funeral scheduled. We have yet to hear from Yvonne Dixon on this tragic event. This is Elizabeth Watson Eye Witness News"

 I turned off the TV. I Forgot. My parents. I broke down crying again. I hate crying. I don't like it when Justin has to see me cry. But he held me close and told me it was ok. "We have to have a funeral." I managed to say. Justin nodded and made a phone call. He postponed our trip for next week. We packed our bags so we could fly back to my hometown.

 Once we landed in Massachusetts we drove to my parents home. I inherited it from them. It was decently sized. Justin helped me set up my parent's funeral. We put it in different newspapers. My parents had a lot of friends throughout the state. I also invited some relatives that were close to my parents. The funeral was in 3 days. 

 **3 days later **

 We were in the funeral home. It was my turn to go up and speak. I cleared my throat. "My parents death is very tragic. I still can't believe that they're really gone." I choked. "I know I'm going to miss them. They were good people. They were there when I need them to be. Without them I wouldn't be where I am today. I love them and I know that they are looking down on me with pride in their eyes." I went and sat back down. Justin Put his arm around me. When the last person to speak was done the caskets were lowered into the ground side by side. I stood there in Justin's arms. I started crying. "Shhhh baby, It's ok." He whispered in my ear. He was rubbing my back. "I j-j-just wish.. I c-could have said.." I choked "goodbye." I lost it. Everyone came over to me and hugged me. Some gave me presents some tried comforting me. After everyone was gone me and Justin went back to my parents house. He went to get dressed into more comfy clothes and I decided walking back into the kitchen.


"Yvonne hun, come here." My mom said. A 7 year old me walked in with a baby doll in her hands. "Yea mommy?" I asked. "I finished your cake." She pulled out a beautiful Dora cake. My dad walked in and wrapped his arms around my moms waist and kissed her. Then He looked over at me "Happy birthday Yvonne!" 

*end of flashback*

 I started tearing up. I walked into the living room and yet another memory flooded my thoughts. More recent than the last one. The last time I saw my parents alive. 

 ** Flashback **

 "MOM! hurry I'm going to miss the flight!" I yelled. I was bout to go to California to live my dream with my best friend Amber. I decided to move there in hopes someone would hire me as a dancer. "Ok honey, you have all of you things in the car right?" She asked. "Yes mom." My dad walked in "Make sure your safe." I smiled. "Don't worry dad me and Amber will be fine." He nodded I hugged him. "Bye daddy." I said, my eyes watering. "Bye Yvonne." He sniffled. I turned to hug my mom. I started crying "Bye mommy I'm gonna miss you." She hugged me tightly. "I'm gonna miss you too hunny." Call me when you get there." I nodded and then I walked out the door.

** end of flashback**

 Justin came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. We had all of our stuff packed here since we are Just going to be going to europe instead of back to California. I was excited. I was still upset about my parents deaths but I was beginning to accept it. Everything happens for a reason. I missed them though. a lot. 

" Come on." Justin said. "Lets go to bed we are leaving in the morning."

 I nodded and followed him up the stairs.

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