Yvonne was a dancer. Justin was a popstar. When they meet up by chance at a tryout for Justin's dancers they instantly fall in love. This match made in heaven is hit with problem after problem like death, being stranded, jealousy, betrayal and more. The only thing holding Yvonne and Justin together is the love and devotion that they have towards one another.


27. Water. And more

 Yvonne's POV

 Justin and I got our dry clothes back on and went into the woods. We were looking for water. I don't know how long we are going to be stuck here but it can't be for that long. I mean, they have to come looking for the plane. I wonder... if we were stuck here forever, would we have to eat each other.... Wow. We've only been stuck here 2 days and I'm starting to go crazy. We walked about 5 miles when I saw a lake-ish looking area. I ran for it with Justin following close behind. I ran straight in and so did he. There was a water fall and everything. It was amazing. We swam under the water fall together. We splashed each other and then he pulled me into him and we made out. Hard. I took his shirt off and he ripped mine off. He wanted to go further and so did I but, we couldn't. We didn't have protection and I didn't want to risk getting pregnant.  

"Justin, No" I said in between kissed. 

"Why not" He breathed.

"Because I can't risk getting pregnant."

"Ok. We don't have to go all the way today." 

 I smiled. Justin sounded disappointed but I knew he agreed with me. Although someday I would like to start a family with him, I just don't think its right. As we smiled at each other i heard something. It sounded like propellers. I looked at Justin. He looked back at me because he heard too. "Justin, is that what I think it is." 

"A helicopter?" 

"YES" We both ran out shirtless. We sprinted. Justin tripped on a branch and fell. I stopped and ran to him trying to help him up. When I got him up his ankle made a snapping noise and he fell o the ground. He was breathing heavily and wincing in pain. 

"Just go!" He said

"I can't go without you!" I said panicking 

Justin grabbed my face. "Yvonne, its going to be ok. Everything will be fine. You need to run back. You need to get us help. I left the fire burning. They should see our stuff on the beach. Go." And with that he kissed me. I stood up and starting running. "Go Yvonne! Run!" Justin yelled at me. I started sprinting. I had to run the whole 4 mile stretch by myself. When there was only 3 miles left the forest got thicker. Vines and branches whipped my face and body, leaving bruises and cuts. On branch cut a long line in my cheek and i could feel the blood run down to my chin. My cheek was swelling up. I slipped and fell, I sat there breathing heavily. Just two more miles I thought. I could here the propellers getting louder. Two more miles. 

  Justin's POV

 I sent Yvonne to go get help. I couldn't walk. I couldn't stand without support. And I know Yvonne wasn't strong enough to help me get there, at least not while the helicopter was here. I started looking around. What am I going to do. I'm shirtless and 4 and a half miles away from camp. I hope yvonne hurries. If we get stuck here, we are going to die. No matter how much we try and survive and how positive we stay. We. Will. Die. Please hurry Yvonne. Both of our lives depend on you. 

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