Yvonne was a dancer. Justin was a popstar. When they meet up by chance at a tryout for Justin's dancers they instantly fall in love. This match made in heaven is hit with problem after problem like death, being stranded, jealousy, betrayal and more. The only thing holding Yvonne and Justin together is the love and devotion that they have towards one another.


10. The kiss

Yvonne's POV

Justin smiled and woke up. "Hey beautiful" he said. "Goodmorning sunshine" Scooter replied to him. "I was talking to yvonne." "Well too bad cause i answered." Scooter said. "We need to be at MSG for rehersals in 5 minutes." 


After rehersals Justin and i headed back  for the bus. I was about to go to my room to throw on some jammies but Justin stopped me. "Hey i was thinking before the concert you might wanna go out, and get to know each other a little more." He said, "After all, we are sharing a bus." "I'd love to" I smiled at him. 

I went and put on my favorite white blouse and my flowered skinny jeans. I put my hair in a messy bun. After i did my hair I put on some mascara and lipgloss. I met him outside the bus. "Damn." He said. "You look beautiful" "Thanks" i said.

 Once we were in the car I asked justin where we were going. "Its a surprise" He said with a smirk. 

 We pulled into a parking lot next to a movie theater. I guess we are watching a movie i thought. We walked in an it was completely empty except for some employees. "I rented it out just for us." He said. "OMG justin. You are amazing." I said and kissed him on the cheek. I think i saw him blush but who knows. After we picked what movie we wanted to watch, we went and got our snacks and picked our seats. The movie started playing. 

About half way into the movie something i didn't expect to happen happened. Justin Kissed me.

**Sorry For such a short chapter but i felt like i had to update for you guys:) Its been a rough day so i wanted to get something on here done. Follow me on Twitter- @msbeliebervieu and like my FB page-  

Thx for reading!!! -Msbeliebervieu***

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