Yvonne was a dancer. Justin was a popstar. When they meet up by chance at a tryout for Justin's dancers they instantly fall in love. This match made in heaven is hit with problem after problem like death, being stranded, jealousy, betrayal and more. The only thing holding Yvonne and Justin together is the love and devotion that they have towards one another.


8. The Airport

 I got up in the morning still shocked about what had happen the previous day. I was elated. I got up took a shower and got dressed. I straightened my hair and put on some eye shadow, mascara and some lip gloss on. I had to be at the airport by noon. it was already 11. i had to pack. I packed all of my clothes (i was gonna be gone a year) and all my make up and hair stuff. i was done getting packed i just had to wait for amber. its 11:15 where is she. 

 Amber got to my apartment and helped me throw my stuff in the trunk. then we rushed to the airport to make it in time. it was 11:30 and it was about a half hour drive. I got the nervous feeling in my stomach. "Yvonne are you ok?" amber asked concerned, "You look a little sick" 

 "It's just, What if we miss the flight?" i asked, my eyes watering. Amber looked at me and said "Don't worry Yvonne, you'll make it" She started speeding. we were going about 20 over the speed limit. We made it to the airport with about 10 minutes to spare. I mean we almost died like twice but at least we made it. 

 I grabbed my stuff and amber helped me check in. After she said goodbye i went to board the plane. I felt arms wrap around me from behind. It scared me a little bit until i heard his voice. "Guess who?" I turned around "Hey Justin" I said with a smile. "Hey beautiful" He said, "what do you think you are doing?" "getting on the plane" I said. "Not on this one." he said. I looked at him questioningly. "Your flying with me on my jet." He stated like it was obvious. "Oh," i said, "but i already bought a ticket..." He looked at me, "Don't worry I'll cover that for you." 

 We got on his jet. We sat across from each other and talked. Whenever he looked away i couldnt help but just look at him. His perfectly shaped chin, His warm, brown eyes, his plump soft lips..... "Yvonne.....Yvonne"  I blushed, he had caught me staring. He just laughed "It's ok, I couldn't stop looking at you either." I blushed even more, I didn't notice that he had stopped speaking  as well. We just sat in awkward silence for a little before i spoke up, "So, New York... This is exciting." He smiled at what i said. "Yeah. I love performing at MSG," He smiled "My fans are incredible and i love performing for them." 

He turned on the tv, and there on the screen was me. Wrapped in Justin's arms. "Oh you have got to be kidding me" Justin said more annoyed than angry. "How did they even know what airport i would be at." I was just sitting there like an idiot not knowing what to say. He looked at me "I'm sorry that they did this," He said, " they just don't know when to stop." 

"It's ok," I said, "It could be worse" He looked at me for a little. " I guess your right." 


 We arrived in New York City at about 5:30 in the morning. I Fell asleep somewhere during the flight i guess because i woke up to justin's voice in my ear. "Wake up beautiful, Its time to go, were here" I smiled and got up. I went to grab my things but Justin took my arm "They already grabbed our stuff. and are taking it to the buses." "Oh, I said." 

  Justin handed me a hoodie and some sunglasses. "Here" he said, "put these on." "why" i asked. "because there might be paparazzi".

 When we got out I saw that justin was right. here were a ton of paps. They kept asking Justin questions like "Who is she Justin?" "Are you two a couple?" "Why did she ride with you and not with the other dancers"

 "Just ignore them and keep walking." justin whispered in my ear.  He probably sensed my nervousness groing because he grabbed my hand and held on tight. "Don't worry, it won't be as bad when we get inside." 

 I've never seen so many people in one place in my life. We got inside and i looked around. There were beliebers and Paps everywhere. "Damn" I heard Justin Say under his breathe. 

After he signed some autographs and took some pictures we headed for the buses. I tried to follow the other danceres to their buses but justin pulled me aside. "I was thinking you could share a bus with me" 

"Umm, sure..." I said. "Don't worry there are two different rooms on the bus." He said, although he sounded a little disappointed when he told me. 


 We got settled on the bus and we started going toward MSG. "You should probably sleep a litlle bit, We are gonna practice as soon as we get there." "ok" i said. i threw on jammies and decided to go lay on the couch for a little while justin was in  his room. I dosed off a bit......

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