Yvonne was a dancer. Justin was a popstar. When they meet up by chance at a tryout for Justin's dancers they instantly fall in love. This match made in heaven is hit with problem after problem like death, being stranded, jealousy, betrayal and more. The only thing holding Yvonne and Justin together is the love and devotion that they have towards one another.


13. Reventon

Yvonne's POV

  My jaw dropped. We were in Hotel Le Maurice, but it was completely empty except for the one table in the center of the room. "I rented the entire hotel out for us." He said. "And this isn't even the best part" He said with a wink. "Babe, you didn't have to do this!" I said. "This is going to make my surprise look bad!" "I don't need a surprise, I just need you" He said and with that he pulled out me chair and i sat down. After he sat down a waiter came out with our food. It was pan-seared salmon on top of rice with a side of fresh veggies. My favorite! "Justin, How did you know salmon was my favorite food?" I asked. "Its all you ever order when we go out." He answered. "But you even have prepared the exact way I like it." He winked at me. After we finished eating We talked for a little bit. "I got you something." He said as he pulled out a long, thin box. I gave him a quizzical look and opened it. "Oh my gosh....." I whispered as i pulled out dangling, diamond earrings. I looked back in the box. There was a matching Necklace. I smiled huge. "Thank you so much Justin!" I yelled. He smiled even bigger than me "Your welcome baby!" We kissed. He went to get up "I have something else to..." I cut him off "Let me give you your gift first" I pouted. He smiled "Ok baby." I pulled out a box of my own and laid it in his hands. I anxiously watched him open it. I really hope he likes it. "Thanks baby!" Now it was his turn to be surprised. He pulled out a Rolex watch. But this one was specially made for him. I had it incrested with aquamarine stones. His birthstone. And on the back of the watch it says 'Forever and always'. He did look really surprised. "Babe this is the most amazing gift I have ever recieved from anyone." I kissed him. 

  "Ok now I have something else to show you." Justin said. He led me into the ballroom where a band was waiting. They started playing and he grabbed me by the waist and pulled me closer. We started swaying from side to side and I laid my head in his chest. "Justin" I said. "What is it Baby?" I wanted to tell him that I loved him but I didn't know if I should yet. We have been taking it slow and I don't want to risk him not loving me back. I figure I'll take my chances. "Justin, I love you." Suddenly we stopped dancing he pulled back a little and looked me in they eyes. He smiled. "Baby, I have loved you since the moment we met." Then He kissed me. But not like how we used to kiss. This was more passionate, full of....Love. I really meant it though. I really loved him. And at that point I felt like nothing could ever harm me, and Nothing could ever come between us, and that no one could love me more than he could. Finally Justin Pulled away from the kiss. He smiled at me and let go. "Stay here" He said. I did. He walked over to a curtain that I hadn't noticed before now. "Close your eyes" he said. I closed my eyes. "Ok," he whispered in my ear as he wrapped his arms around me from behind, "Now open." When I open my eyes I could not believe what I saw. I didn't think he could surprise me more than he did just that moment, because when I opened my eyes I saw a car, but not any old car, no Justin is too generous and fancier than any old car. Sitting there on the opposite side of the ballroom was a Lamborghini Reventon. "J-ju-Justin." I stuttered. "Yea baby" He said. It was obvious in his voice that he was wicked happy with my reaction. "Is that your car?" I asked. "Nope" He said trying to sound casual. "Who's is it then," the words barley came out of my mouth. I already knew the answer. "Thats your car baby." He said. "Justin you didn't." 

Justin- "Oh but baby, I did."

Yvonne-" Justin Baby, Its too expensive." 

Justin- "No its not."

Yvonne- "Baby this car cost at least $1,600,000 on the market." 

Justin Turned me around to face him, "You deserve the best." and with that he picked me up bridal style and kissed me. After the kissed I yawned. I was starting to get tired and I think Justin knew. so he started carrying me up to the suit we were staying in. I fell asleep in his arms before we reached our room. 

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