Yvonne was a dancer. Justin was a popstar. When they meet up by chance at a tryout for Justin's dancers they instantly fall in love. This match made in heaven is hit with problem after problem like death, being stranded, jealousy, betrayal and more. The only thing holding Yvonne and Justin together is the love and devotion that they have towards one another.


11. Boyfriend

Yvonne's POV

Later on that night we were getting ready for the show, "Hey Yvonne, Can i ask you something?" Justin asked. "Of course Justin." I replied. "Well I was wondering," he was looking me in the eyes now. "If you would be my girlfriend." I smiled wide, which made him smile even wider. "YES!" I yelled and gave him a hug. 

 After we were ready we headed for MSG. Once we got there I went to go meet up with the other dancers, but Justin pulled me into a hug. "Wish me good luck" he said. I smiled "Good luck baby." He kissed me then let me go.After i Met up with the other dancers we got on stage and waited for Justin.  All Around the world started playing and Justin was being lowered on stage on giant wings. Once he landed we unstrapped him and he started singing. 

 We had just finished Boyfriend, the last song of the night. The fans were screaming. "Goodnight everybody!" Justin yelled into his mic. As he was running off stage he scooped me up and ran with me in his arms. I started laughing "Justin what are you doing?" "Well i couldn't leave my girl behind now could I?" I smiled and kissed him. I think I am really falling for him. 

 After the show I went back to our bus. I took a shower and threw on my pajamas. Then i went over to the couch and sat with Justin. He wrapped his arm around me. I snuggled closer. We sat like that and started to watch TV. I drifted off and when i woke up i was in my bed. But Justin was right beside me. He was still sleeping though. I turned around to face him without waking him up. Which was kind of difficult considering he had his body wrapped around mine. I just watched him for a little bit. He was so perfect. I kissed his forehead and then snuggled closer to him. He tightened his grip on me and I buried my face in his chest and fell back asleep.

 I woke up again but this time Justin wasn't there. I got up and walked into the main part of the bus, where i found him. He smiled at me "I made you breakfast." He said while holding out a bowl of cereal. "Thanks" I smiled. "No problem," He replied, "Anything for my lady." 

  After a couple hours we were moving. I almost fell when the bus lurched forward but Justin caught me. "Better be careful," He laughed "Or i might not be able to catch you next time." I smiled. He kissed me. I felt so perfect when his lips touched mine like nothing else in the world mattered but me and him. Like there wasn't a bad thing in the world that could seperate us. Then i got a phone call. I stopped kissing Justin and answered. "Hey girl!" It was amber. 

Me- "Hey sexxxy!"

Amber- "Whats going on girl i miss you!"

Me- "It's only been a day!" 

Amber- "I know but it feels like forever!!"

Me- "Well I miss you too"

Amber- "So how are you and Justin"

Me- "Pretty good."

Amber- "How good?"

Me- "Well he's my boyfriend."

Amber- *screams* "Are you serious?"

Me- "Yes I'm serious."

Amber- "Can i say hello?"

Me- "Ya I'll put it on speaker."

Justin- "Hello?"

Amber- "OMG! Hey Justin"

Justin- "Whats up"

Amber- "Nothing. Hey i have to go but first i have to say something to Justin."

Justin Grabbed the phone from my hand. With some mhms and a 'Yes Ma'am' he handed the phone back.

Amber- "Bye yvonne!"

Me- "Bye amber"

"So what did she say" I asked curiously. "well She told me to make sure i was good to you then she gave me a very detailed threat on what would happen if i wasn't." He answered. I started laughing "Sorry" "It's ok. I wouldn't dream of hurting you ever anyways."


After a couple hour of chatting we went to bed. We shared beds again except we slept in his room this time. He took of his shirt and threw it on the ground. "Guess what I got you" He asked me. "What" I said. "Front row tickets to the gun show"He flexed his muscles. I rolled my eyes and he jumped into the bed. We cuddled for a little then we finally fell asleep. Could things get more perfect?

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