love is a strong word

Bailey and Lillian are going to London,Englandfor summer break and maybe longer.One Direction is spending their breack there also. Lilly and Bailey both work at the Animal Shelter.When Harry goes there just to look at the cats what will he do when he sees Bailey there and invites her and Lilly to a party what will happen? Will love fly? Will games be played? Read and find out.


2. meeting each other

Bailey's pov

We got to the beach house but it took an hour to get there from the airport. We live in this nice big beach house with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms it near a beachouse that is about 2 seconds away and we are right off the ocean. My bedroom had a baby light blue wall paper with little sea shells and a giant dolphin on the comfotor. All of the rooms was the same exact battering some fishes now and then. l wore a tourqise bikin that made my green eyes pop with my mid night black hair.

Lilly pov

Since Bailey and l were going to the beach l decided to wear my neon purple bikin and try to get a tan the bikni also showed off my tall and slim figure. Bailey and l had sttanning oil on so we were kinda sticky at first but we kept running. We heard laughter and screaming but we ignored and dived and got into the water now unsticky.l went and dove down into the water l had my eyes open because l ues to be a mermaid at seaworld in the U.S. and had to swim with the salt water animals. l saw five figures but they were boys, all around me l came up.

Louis's pov

Me and the boys were swimming at the beach getting away from the papz and we were just goofing around having fun. All of a sudden this girl game up right in the middle of all of us. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes she was standing up now and she seemed to be pretty tall well at least taller than Niall. "BA- BAILEY COME HERE!!" she said stuttering soon later there was a girl screaming,"there's salt water in my eyes l can't see!" she said wobboling around like she was drunk hands infront of her feeling for her friend. She was defintily shorter then any of us even Niall by an inch or so, Harry look like he fancy the girl aprantly named Bailey. The girls look like fans not expecting to see us. All of a sudden l felt a body run into me making me fall with them on top of me. We were in the sand bar so l just sat up still sitting down the girl name bailey was in my lap sitting still squitting can't really see. "um sorry were is the shore?" she said giggling trying to see. "its fine love l can help you." Harry looked mad her friend was laughing. "you sound like louis from one direction." she said blushing she must be a major fan. "well thats because l am love." l said she all of a sudden screamed and fainted in my arms.



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