love is a strong word

Bailey and Lillian are going to London,Englandfor summer break and maybe longer.One Direction is spending their breack there also. Lilly and Bailey both work at the Animal Shelter.When Harry goes there just to look at the cats what will he do when he sees Bailey there and invites her and Lilly to a party what will happen? Will love fly? Will games be played? Read and find out.


3. fancying

Lilly pov

"BAILEY oh my god l am so sorry we're a little bit of a fan." l said blushing. "only a little? your friend is passed out and she didn't even see my face she just heard my voice!" Louis said laughing. "shouldn't we get her to shore?" Liam ask with a worry look he was so funny. "she okay just bring her to shore and lay her on the sand. She'll come running in are house talking about meeting a mermaid or something she fine." l said laughing my but off becuase that's what happen one time ot was so funny. "r u crazy?" Louis ask picking her up bridal style. l looked around and see all the boys looking at me like l'm crazy. "What? lt happen before but l didn't leave her and she swore a mermaid saved her intil the docter gave her some meds." "this is what girl's bestfriends do to each other?" Liam said."ok ok lets bring her up." l said getting anoyed. When we got her up shore Louis was on his knees and put her head in his lap keeping her head elevated. After a few minutes she started moving her head and then she open her eyes and sat up facing me saying,"omg l had this crazy dream were l met the one and only Louis TOmolison!" she sqeauled ignoring the boys existence. "Well l hate to brake it to you but you have that dream evrynight." l said laughing at the fact l just stated. "yeh ut this one felt so real." she said in protest. "then maybe you should turn around!" l said pointing behind her.

Bsiley pov

l was a bit confused by what she ment but right when l turned around l was face to face with the one and only Louis William Tomolison. "Hello love!" he said while smiling. "much better than the time you claimed a mermaid saved you right?" Lilly ask me whisphering and laughing. l look at her in the eye and she said,"Just keep swimming." through giggles before we both fell to the sandy ground laughing our asses off. "Did l miss something?" Harry ask with a confused look and also hidding a smile. "ohh nothing." me and lilly said.

Niall pov

The girls were crazt holaourous and beautiful espacially Lilly she was so tall and fit and she was the perfect size; she reminded me of a goddess when she came up from under the water, she was prettier then Bailey in my opioin l know Harry really probaly get to her first,but he seemed to be fancying Bailey but l think Bailey and Louis have been facing each other also. Now Bailey she short like shorter than me and she had sexy curves in all the right places and her black hair flows beautifully around her chest whenever it's dry. "well we must be going. Come on Bailey lets go home." Lilly said all the boys looking disapointed. "kk later boys." Baily said they were defintly not from the UK they have American Southern accent.they get up and and face the direction of the other Beach house and start to walk away. We probally were never going to see them again.

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