love is a strong word

Bailey and Lillian are going to London,Englandfor summer break and maybe longer.One Direction is spending their breack there also. Lilly and Bailey both work at the Animal Shelter.When Harry goes there just to look at the cats what will he do when he sees Bailey there and invites her and Lilly to a party what will happen? Will love fly? Will games be played? Read and find out.


1. bye usa ,hello london


lilly's pov


me and bailey are on our way to the airport for summer break in London,England.Bailey's birthday was a couple of days ago so her parents got us plane tickets and a beach house for the whole summer there is just one problem they are only giving us 300 bucks and we have to get jobs if we want more money.So we are going to help out at the animal shelter cause we both love animals and to party.But heres what i look like i'm tall,blonde hair,blue eyes,and i'm 19 years old and my best friend is Bailey.

Bailey's pov


Me and Lilly are best friends almost like sisters.We have so much incommon we love animals,love Lodon,and most of all we love ONE DIRECTION.I'm not as tall as Lilly but almost there,have brown,and i just turned 19 years old.


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