What Love Really Means

Stella is an awkward teenage girl just trying to fit in. Harry's a popular teenage guy who just wants to have fun. But what happens when two completely different people meet each other and fall in love?
(Sorry if this is horrible. It's my first one so please don't hate me if you don't like it. Thanks ~Lexy)


2. The Five Guys

I glanced behind my shoulder and groaned. The Five Guys were walking past us. If you must know, The Five Guys are the five most popular and, according to every girl in school, the hottest freshman guys.
"Ugh! Why are all of you so in love with them?! They don't even know we exist!" I tried to get it through their thick heads, but apparently, their emotions were getting the best of them.
"Louis is so hot!" Lucy said.
"Are you kidding? Liam is the hottest," Blaze retorted.
"Both of you are wrong! It's Zayn!" Casey argued.
"Uh no. Niall is definitely the hottest!" Bridget put in.
"All of you are wrong! None of those guys are worth killing each other over!" I said, annoyed. Surprisingly, none of them mentioned Harry. Most girls just throw themselves at him.
"Well at least we all like different guys so we won't need to go all Hunger Games on each other," Lucy joked.
"Hey girls." Louis looked directly at Lucy. I understand why he would be attracted to her. She has wavy blonde hair, she's tall and a bit curvy, and today she was wearing a pearl colored dress and heels.
"H-hi Louis. I'm uh- My name is uhh."
"Lucy!" I stated.
"Yeah it's Lucy," she said, coming back to her senses.
While Lucy chatted with Louis, Harry came up to me.
"Great," I thought. "Please don't talk to me!" I silently begged in my head.
"I'm Harry," he smiled
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