What Love Really Means

Stella is an awkward teenage girl just trying to fit in. Harry's a popular teenage guy who just wants to have fun. But what happens when two completely different people meet each other and fall in love?
(Sorry if this is horrible. It's my first one so please don't hate me if you don't like it. Thanks ~Lexy)


1. Story of my life

Let me just straight up tell you that I've never been popular, and I'm definitely not the most beautiful person on the planet. Even with my curly brown hair, bright blue eyes, and skinny body, nobody really notices me. I'm the girl who sits in the back of the room, you know, the extremely nerdy one who's in orchestra and never socializes.
Don't get me wrong, I actually have friends (I know it's hard to believe, but it's true). Bridget, Casey, Blaze, and Lucy. We always meet before class.
"Stella!" Lucy exclaimed as she saw me walk in.
"Don't get so excited. It's not like I'm never at school," I said, pushing my black glasses up onto my nose.
"Well you've never come to school wearing that!"
I glanced down at my outfit. I was wearing my black shirt with tiny, colorful skulls on it, blue jeans that complimented my eyes, and my knee high chuck taylors.
"Oh yeah. It's new," I replied.
"Oh my god!" Casey practically screamed.
"What?!" I asked.
"Look!" she answered.
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