What Love Really Means

Stella is an awkward teenage girl just trying to fit in. Harry's a popular teenage guy who just wants to have fun. But what happens when two completely different people meet each other and fall in love?
(Sorry if this is horrible. It's my first one so please don't hate me if you don't like it. Thanks ~Lexy)


5. Lunch

I know I sound insane. I mean, who could resist Harry Styles?! Well as I said, I was never really popular, but my mom has had boyfriends like him. They claim they love you, use you, and then leave. I guess that's why I have relationship problems, especially from seeing so many of them end badly.
At lunch, I sat with my friends.
"How do you people eat that stuff?" Blaze questioned, referring to the meat on our plates. (She's a vegetarian.)
"I don't know. How do you eat those nasty salads everyday?" Lucy answered.
"Oh wow," I added, "you two really seem like best friends."
Just then, The Five Guys sat down at our table, each sitting by the girl who liked him. Harry, on the other hand, sat down right next to me.
"Isn't there anywhere else for you to sit?!" I asked, annoyed at their presence. I felt like they were violating our sacred place. I mean this was our table! We had enough issues without guys sitting with us.
"Louis insisted that we sit here," Niall replied calmly.
Good. As long as it wasn't that creep's idea to sit here, I was fine with it.
"Yeah, but we can move if you would like," Louis said. All the other girls shot glares at me. Lord knows I wanted to say yes please leave and never come back, but the looks on their faces made me say,
"No it's ok."
Louis whispered something into Lucy's ear, and she giggled. I rolled my eyes. By tomorrow, they would be a couple.
I cleared my throat. "Ahem!" I gave her the you-better-not-ruin-your-life-by-dating-ANOTHER-jerk look. She completely neglected my advice and resumed whispering to him.
"So... Stella," Harry addressed me. "What do you wanna talk about?"
"I prefer to eat during lunch," I simply replied, shoving a fork full of burrito in my mouth.
"Well someone's sassy."
"Yeah whatever." I kept eating to show him I wasn't interested in whatever he had to say to me but he didn't read my signs very well.
"What do you like to do?"
"Nothing," I said, my mouth full.
"Stella!" Bridget complained.
I got up and threw away my tray, taking as much time as possible.

For the rest of the day, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get rid of Harry. For once, I was glad that my mom needed me to take care of the house until she came back. It made a great excuse.
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