What Love Really Means

Stella is an awkward teenage girl just trying to fit in. Harry's a popular teenage guy who just wants to have fun. But what happens when two completely different people meet each other and fall in love?
(Sorry if this is horrible. It's my first one so please don't hate me if you don't like it. Thanks ~Lexy)


6. Firsts

After a week of practically being stalked, I finally gave in.
"Harry, if I agree to go out with you, will you stop pestering me?!"
"I'll pick you up on Friday at six."
Great. Just fantastic.
As promised, Harry picked me up on Friday at exact six. I wore my short, strapless, black dress and black heels.
"What is it with you and black?" he asked as we drove away. I had to say that his Mercedes was pretty impressive.
"I don't know."
He pulled up at a house.
"Oh no. You said we were going out."
"Yes I did. To my house."
I instantly felt nervous. Not only was this my first date, it was also my first time going to a guy's house. Not to mention that this was the place he felt most comfortable. His house was the perfect place to make a move.
I didn't notice he got out until he opened my door. I got out and followed him inside.
"My parents aren't home right now, so it's just us."
"Great," I replied not to excitedly.
"I made breakfast for dinner, if you don't mind."
How did he know that was my favorite?! I decided to kill Lucy later.
"Whatever." I pretended to be uninterested once again.
As we ate and talked to each other, I realized he wasn't as bad as I thought he was.
"Why do you like me so much?" I inquired.
"You're not like other girls. You don't throw yourself at me and you're not afraid to be honest."
I was flattered, but I wasn't gonna let my guard down.
"Umm thanks."
"No problem."
I opened my mouth to ask another question but was interrupted by Harry gently forcing his lips onto mine. As I pulled away, I could taste the sweet syrup from the pancakes he had just eaten. Wow. Four firsts in one day.
All I could do was stare into those gorgeous green eyes that say deep into my soul, making me feel complete. I'm not sure what it was that made me do it but I kissed him.
A smile grew across his face.
"Wow," was all I could manage to get out.
We sat there awkwardly for what felt like years until he finally broke the silence.
"What else do you wanna do?"
"I don't care. It's your house not mine."
"Do you wanna stay the night? My sister left some of her clothes. You could borrow them."
I thought about the offer.
Hesitantly, I answered with a yes. Make that five firsts in one day.
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