One Way Or Another.

Emily and Rosie Go On A Trip To England, But Get The Hugest Suprise Of Their Life.


2. It's Time

'Start packing girls!' my dad said down the stairway. ' we are already done dad!' i said back to him. 'Emily are you sure you want to go, I don't want to make you go somewhere you don't want to go.' i said. 'NO! I want to go, plus I need to get away from my family, they are really annoying.' she said. 'Okay then let's go downstairs I pointed to the hallway. 'Okay lets get our suitcases and leggo!'  'Emz.' i said. 'Yeah?' 'one thing i ask is that you PLEASE dont talk in that gangster voice.' 'Finee.'
'Dad we are ready!' i screamed. 'Okay sweetie lets go to the airport.' *in the car* 'DAD TURN IT UP THIS IS MY JAM', looks at Emily, as we both say 'MY LADY JAM' 'dad how far are we until we get there?' ' right now' he said. 'Here let's go get our suitcases from the trunk' i said to Emily. 'No I'll get them you girls just go on in' dad said. 'WOW, this is a really big airport. Emily said. "I know Emz try not to get lost. I said. she gave me a dirty look but whatever. ' dad hurry we leave in 7 minutes!' I yelled. ' Okay here you go, here is your guys' money and your tickets. i saw a tear run do his face. 'Dad why are you crying?'  'Rosie, your growing up to fast, i rememeber when you used to ride your little bike around and always act like a train.' he said trying not to cry more. 'dad, ill be fine trust me, I have my laptop so we can video chat together. I'll text you when we get there okay?' ' Yes, okay well you guys better go, love you Rosie, be safe. You too Emily!' We will!' she said

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