One Way Or Another.

Emily and Rosie Go On A Trip To England, But Get The Hugest Suprise Of Their Life.


1. Happy Day.

*on the phone* 'Emily!' i screamed. 'What gurl' she said in a fake gangster voice. ' Okay listen I will tell you as long you don't freak out!'  "Okay, I'm ready JUST SAY IT!' she said calmly. 'okay so you know how you and I always wanted to you to the United Kingdom?' 'YES! OMG ARE WE GOING?! she screamed very loudly. ' well we are going next  Monday, so do you just want to stay the weekend at my house?' 'Sure let's go to my house to pack!' *at her house* 'hey mom you know how you said I can go on a trip this month?' 'Yes dear' ' well I'm going to the United Kingdom with Emily.' 'Oh really?' she said  awkwardly.                    

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