"Trying To Be Perfect For You"

Hy my name is "chloe flemington" i am i normal teenage a girl,with of course the most common dream of all teens..i always wanted to meet one direction and i love them all equally as much!!.. but when we got to finally meet them in a concert.. one of them gave me there number!! (OMG RIGHT)..
Once we started talking then seeing each other.. he's been talking behind my back that he " wants to get a perfect life with a perfect girl" ..
as i wonderd if i was the perfect girl.. i started to worry and i started to try to perfect myself.... will zayn ever notice i want him!!. will he ever notice your trying so hard to be perfect just for him.. does he have his eyes on some other girl.. idk but i sure am trying but i think he's not noticeing.. am i dissapearing.. i met one of my old friends and he has a crush on me and i do too. but i really like zayn what do i do!!...(see what i did there!! it was a rhyme). .Read to find out!! I AM A HUMOROUS PERSON I LOVE WRITING STORIES .. LUV YA!!


1. The Day We Meet..

Chloe's POV

Babe' Come on !!! i screamed at my best friend rosie..IM COMEING!.

......she screamed even louder than i did to her..well.. if your wondering what i was wearing here it is ', i was wearing i flowy teal tank top with a high cream waisted skirt which reached a bit higher then my knees..i had teal pump heals and my jewlary was a mix of cream a teal.. my makeup was a nice teal and black wing and my fake eyelashes..(i know i barely have any!!).. i grabbed my phone, my tickets, my keys, and my makeup incase of any retuches.... i put them all in my purse which slid around me like a seat belt..

Rosie!! its almost 9:00 oclock, i yelled hard inough so she could here..

she came running down the stairs as she placed her black pumps on and then putting her earings on.. i giggled as she then grabbed her phonw which was on the counter .. i opened my front door wide inough that she can slid threw..

(she is not chunky she is skinny just like me)

once she got out the house i followed after running to my car.. i had a blue mini cooper. which i love!!

i jumped in my seat and rose in the other..it took us 13minutes to get to the place but it took us longer to find a parking.. we ended up parking 2 blocks away.. (crazy right!!)as soon as we reached the door to go in the stadium we gave our tickets to a man behind a counter and she gave me a sign to go on in to the stadium.. i nodded and looked at rosie .. we were both terrifired and nervous!!

i grabbed her hand and we both walked threw the two wide open doors..we looked for our seats and watched as the fans started to come in.. my nerves calmed down while we were waiting in our seats..

a hour passed and the light got dim.. i quickly started shakeing and so did rosie.. she grabbed my hand and squeezed when she saw the boys all apear on stage..

we both screamed crazy like nobody can here us.. we got a few stares but who cares right we need there attention some how..

they started to sing what makes you beautiful and i started to sing along.. i forgot to mention i am costraphobic..

people were bumping me from all sides and then got pushed foward and the the people on the seats on front of me smacked me with there nuckles as they wiggled there hands like crazy..i feel all dizzy and my world shuts down..

 Rosie's POV

i watched as people kept bumping into chloe from each side i kept my eyes on her and on and at the stage.. chloe is like a sister to me..

i then turn to face chloe and watch as a girl from behind her smacks her head and then chloe leans foward and a girl unfront smacks her with her nuckles.. i see as she tries to balance but then falls to her seat.. i qucickly go to her and then suddently the music stops i go to turn to face the stage and the screen was on us.. i didnt care i was scared as heck!!..

 i grabbed her and then noticed people started to leave as the owner asked them to leave..i then suddently feel a tap on my shoulder and turn to look at who it was its was liam.. do you need help there.. he asked as he pointed to chloe.. she isnt a there she is a human you know i say as i turn my head to chloe.. im sorry i didnt mean it that way.. he sounded concerned and i said it was okay then all five boys were around chloe and me..i felt cotrophobic now!!


Chloe's POV

i feel noises in my backround as i start to flutter my eyes open...

hey shes awake!!.. a boy said  and he had a stripped shirt and some cream capris..

they helped me sit up and rosie gave me a cup of water.. here she said.. itook a sip and then i sked her what happened..

people were bumping into you and you got hit in the head and kind of fainted or something... she said

ohh and who are the boys arpund me.. i said in confusion as i look at them..rosie giggled she lent into my ear and said, thats "one direction" i freeze at her word "one direction" and i take another look around me... zayn was in my right harry,liam,niall in the seats behind us and louis in the seat infront of us.. i blushed as they all gave me a hug and i stood there like a stick not even moveing..um chloe.. rosie said as she waved her hand in front my face..i look at her and jump up.. is this real!!! i kind of whisper to my self bot lous enough so they could here then i started walking left to right in the isle..

i need to use the restroom you know where i can go rosie said as she looking at them.... i froze and looked at them.. liam pointed to a door and rosie folowed to were he had pointed..

love?? are you going to just stand there.. i heard as the voice came from zayn..i looked at him and i parted my lips to talk but nothing cam out.. by then rosie came back and said that her mom called her to get home.. as rosie said her goodbyes i didnt dare to touch them.. the whole group just surounded me into lots of bare hugs.. i feel a hand go down my pocket and i tense.. i think zayn placed a peice of paper in my pocket .. as i left the stadium to the car ..when i got into my seat i pushed my self foward and grabbed what was in my pocket.. it was a paper i opened it and there was zayn's phone number


***-542-*143 (fake numbers by the way.. i dont know his number)


i hope that you like this.. and please if you really liked it add it as a favorite maybe even like thank you!! xoxo zayn_love<3

*oh* and if you cant see the cover of this book please tell me thank you!!

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