"Trying To Be Perfect For You"

Hy my name is "chloe flemington" i am i normal teenage a girl,with of course the most common dream of all teens..i always wanted to meet one direction and i love them all equally as much!!.. but when we got to finally meet them in a concert.. one of them gave me there number!! (OMG RIGHT)..
Once we started talking then seeing each other.. he's been talking behind my back that he " wants to get a perfect life with a perfect girl" ..
as i wonderd if i was the perfect girl.. i started to worry and i started to try to perfect myself.... will zayn ever notice i want him!!. will he ever notice your trying so hard to be perfect just for him.. does he have his eyes on some other girl.. idk but i sure am trying but i think he's not noticeing.. am i dissapearing.. i met one of my old friends and he has a crush on me and i do too. but i really like zayn what do i do!!...(see what i did there!! it was a rhyme). .Read to find out!! I AM A HUMOROUS PERSON I LOVE WRITING STORIES .. LUV YA!!


7. D=Death Becouse Of Him..

Chloe's POV

It Was a cold night.. but my angriness blew it off..

I reached a parking lot..there were a lot of people..

Umm..Do You no were I Can find a taxi?... I asked to one of the boys out

in the parking lot..

he smiled at me and he pointed to a corner.. I didn't see his face doe..


I looked back at him.. are you sure.? um that corner looks lonely...?

as he got closer I recignised his face.....Niall what are you doing here?

I said with full of curiousness.. I can tell he recognized me because his face lit up..umm niall? I asked now putting a hand upfront of his face..

he pushed my hand away and pushed me to the ground...Ahh..Whats Wrong with you guys today." I said now  dusting my self off..and getting off the floor..he grabs me by my elbow and he walks me toward the back of the parking lot..


Ouch..Niall!! Your hurting me!!.. I lost his grip and stared at him as he turned around looking at my face that had pain written all over it..

his face softened ....he reached for me and pulled me into a hug...I hugged him back.... umm niall .. whats wrong with you gu...he didn't let me he let me go of the hug and ran away..


I Ran behind him... I didn't see or hear anything around me my attention was on niall..

I saw niall turn arounf quickly and run towards me yelling something....

I felt A sharp pain run across my body... I tried to focus but I couldn't.. I had got hitten by a car..


Niall's POV

I don't know what had gotten into me.. but  once I saw chloe laying there on the ground I snapped out of it..


I ran to her and grabbed her in my arms.."chloe!! speak plzz.. breath.. come on chloey... chloey!!

I felt her grip tighten around my hand..i squeezed it back..

"Ni.Ni.... she said as she tried to catch her breath and tried to open her eyes..but she couldn't.. I got really scared when I went to take my hand away I saw blood on it..

Nii...." she asked again.. I couldn't react but I did it anyway.. yeah its me chloey .. stay with me I will call an ambulance..


but as soon as I reached for my phone.. her grip weakend and she wasn't breathing..

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