"Trying To Be Perfect For You"

Hy my name is "chloe flemington" i am i normal teenage a girl,with of course the most common dream of all teens..i always wanted to meet one direction and i love them all equally as much!!.. but when we got to finally meet them in a concert.. one of them gave me there number!! (OMG RIGHT)..
Once we started talking then seeing each other.. he's been talking behind my back that he " wants to get a perfect life with a perfect girl" ..
as i wonderd if i was the perfect girl.. i started to worry and i started to try to perfect myself.... will zayn ever notice i want him!!. will he ever notice your trying so hard to be perfect just for him.. does he have his eyes on some other girl.. idk but i sure am trying but i think he's not noticeing.. am i dissapearing.. i met one of my old friends and he has a crush on me and i do too. but i really like zayn what do i do!!...(see what i did there!! it was a rhyme). .Read to find out!! I AM A HUMOROUS PERSON I LOVE WRITING STORIES .. LUV YA!!


5. C=Catching you

Zayn's POV


As I Started Walking Home..I Started to Think and i dicided to go to chloe's house..



i reached the parking lot and i went tourds the door..

i didn't knock i Just Went In the house..i tried to walk as quietly i can..i heard someone reach the living room and i hid behind the door frame..




Chloe's POV

I Finished takeing a shower and i had my towel on as i needed to pass my living room to reach my bedroom... as i reached my bedroom i left the door open and i got dressed.

as soon as i finished i heard a cracking noise come from outside my room..i walked to the door and i opened as fast as i could..My eyes Opened wide and i screamed.. AHHHH!!! as soon as i went to colse the door ..Zayn rushed to me and put A hand over my mouth..i put my hand over his and tried to take it off of my mouth.. i kicked him and he let go..



Get Out NOW!!! i said as i walked to the living room and went to reach the door from the intrance so he could leave..I Went To Open the Door but he stopped me by holding my wrist..and turning me around..

Why are you running from me?... he said with a grin on his face..i laughed sarcasticly..First of all You show Up at my house With out me knowing..Second, You come IN MY HOUSE with out ME Knowing..Third of all you Covered my mouth When i Tried To talk And Now your holding My wrist.. i said as i brought my hand to his face as he was still gripping my wrist.I let go of his grip and I Slaped him across his face....

he just giggled... His eyes met mine and I quickly turned around..


Get out Now! I said threw my teeth.. He just grinned and walk tourds me.. I took steps back as he got closer.. He grabbed me by my waiste and pressed me to his body..

I started to hit his chest .. And I tried to get him to back off..LET ME GO ZAYN!! I said while struggling on my breathing..


I ...SAID....LET ME.....GGOOOO!!! I said threw breaths ...he let me go.. But I fell to the ground..you've been such A PAIN!! I said while rubbing my back as I stood up...

I'm not sorry...he said as he stared threw my soul...Why not.. I shouldn't be sorry couse YOU! Decide To kiss your Ex girl frie--

He had cut me off with his lips forced into mine..I hit his chest with my fist but he didn't budge..Not even a tad bit!..


Za..y..mmmmm.. Mmet me.....goooo! I said as I struggled trying to pull away..

He stepped back and he put his fist in his pockets.. I stared at his fist in his pockets...

What do you want to do Zayn.. HIT ME!!?!.. he pushed me against the wall and my breathing slowed down as I had trouble breathing..I kept making weird noises trying to breath...


Za..a.yn..I managed to speak out..he quickly got on his on his knees next to me and he started to rub my back.. I finally managed to breath correctly once I did I pushed zayn's hand off of me..

I walked out of my room and got out of the house.. It was a cold night and I didn't have no coat or sweader..



Was Zayn scary in this chapter?... tell me in the comments below!!


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