"Trying To Be Perfect For You"

Hy my name is "chloe flemington" i am i normal teenage a girl,with of course the most common dream of all teens..i always wanted to meet one direction and i love them all equally as much!!.. but when we got to finally meet them in a concert.. one of them gave me there number!! (OMG RIGHT)..
Once we started talking then seeing each other.. he's been talking behind my back that he " wants to get a perfect life with a perfect girl" ..
as i wonderd if i was the perfect girl.. i started to worry and i started to try to perfect myself.... will zayn ever notice i want him!!. will he ever notice your trying so hard to be perfect just for him.. does he have his eyes on some other girl.. idk but i sure am trying but i think he's not noticeing.. am i dissapearing.. i met one of my old friends and he has a crush on me and i do too. but i really like zayn what do i do!!...(see what i did there!! it was a rhyme). .Read to find out!! I AM A HUMOROUS PERSON I LOVE WRITING STORIES .. LUV YA!!


3. B=Best friend is Back and Ditching me!!

Chloe's POV

We dropped Niall off At liam's apartment, and waited till liam opened the door..UhM why do we need to wait.. he's not 12 anymore? i said looking at zayn.. hello!!!? we are famous you never no what could happen he said.. a bit too sarcasticly.. ohh really!!! i said looking at him and then i smacked his arm playfully, he pouted like a baby..shutup or i run back home!!.. i said a bit annoyed sinse we were in the acr still infront of liam's apartment..

ok,ok put on you seatbelt love!!..dont call me that i said a bot annoyed..why not i call everybody that...he said a bit confused..

i looked at him and then i pouted.. but..but.. i'm....i'm UNIQUE!!!.. i said now starteing to hide my head in my hands and shrug my shoulders up and pertending i was crying..

fine..fine how about .....um.. ma special lady!!.. i looked at him and then i started to pout harder in my ahnds but it still being fake........

fine!1 how about  my pretty precious princess!!? he said a bit to worried i was ganna pout again.... i stooped pouting but i felts like cracking up.....PRETTY PRECIOUS PRINCESS!! OMG!!!.......HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH..I ended up really crying!! ok..fine your my Hunkey monkey buns!! i said while trying not to laugh!!...workd for me he said..... when i finally looked foward we were at the movie theater..i looked at him shocked.. what never been to a movie theater before he said curiously ... no!! i mean Yes i have but i could never find this movie theater when i used to live with my mom.. MY BEST BOY FRIEND WORKS HERE!!.. i said happily... he swallowed hard enough whitch i heard.. whats wrong hunkey mokey buns.. i said with a worried look.. your "BEST BOY FRIEND" he said as he made his two fingers jump up in down as he said ""best boy friend""..

OMG...NOHUUoOOOAAA!!! i mean he was my best friend!! and he was a boy!!! my best BOYfriend i said and his face looked releived..how long do you know eachother for??he asked.. us well i guess sinse i was 4..

so is he gay?? zayn asked a bit supsisious sinse i new the boy for like forever!!noo!! he isnt gay!! now are we goinged to whatch a movie or what!!?? i said as i pointed to the movie ..ohh right  lets goo.....


i we watched haunted house the funny movie....but zayn said he was going to the bathroom but hasnt ome back in 20 minutes..i stood up from my seat and went searching for him.. we i reached a corner i peacked around it.. i saw to people as i went closer..i dropped my soda and my phone that were in my hands and i stood there with no words...yes.. zayn was kissing his ex perrie in the corner of the movie theater halls..he turned around and saw me before he could say anything i ran..i went to were we intured the movie theater and i got stopped by  a firmiliar voice and also stopped by the grisp on my shoulder.. i turned around to see who its was it was my old BOYfriend..

he hugged me and i hugged him back..as soon as he was going to ask me something i heard zayn call my name while he jogged tourds us.. i looked at my friend jake(thats his name) and he looked confused.. he had his phone  in his hand and i took it from him i put my number as fast as i can and i ran out the front doors....jake called my name but i kept running .. i stopped at an alley and then i relized jake followed me.. he hugged me and asked me why i was running away from zayn whitch he called the other boy..i told him what happened..

zayn told me he was going to the restroom and i nodded then he left the movie room, 20 minutes later he wasnt back? i was worried so i got up and i searched for him.. as i reached the corner of the hall i saw two people and the two people were zayn and his ex perrie kissing.... i didnt like the feeling so i ran before he can talk...

and that's why i ran jake.. i said..stareing at the floor.. he grabbed my face with his hand and made me look at him..

i got somwhere i wamt to show you.. he said with a smile.. and i nodded as i followed him..we went to a park i didnt recongnize at first but then it hit me.. this was were me met..we sat down on the bench and he started to talk..(did i mention i had feeling for him when i was smaller.. but not anymore i think? idk!!)

. I met someone" he said. My heart kinda stopped. "who?" I asked. "a girl" he said. "noooo! I thought u met a unicorn!" I said sarcastically. "nope I met a beautiful girl when I was 4! Her name Chloe, I have a crush on her" he said looking me in the eyes. I laughed when I relized he was talking about me. "aww jake that's sweet" I said hugging him, I noticed something special about him. Something I don't ever want 2 lose! It started snowing and we booth looked up. jake took me by the hand and started running. "jake where r we going?!" I asked. "you will see" he said. We walked down 2 an empty field. "remember this place?" he asked. "ya, we used 2 climb up the trees and watch the clouds" I said. "well y don't we again" he said. I laughed and ran up 2 the tree. "ok on the count of 3 jump" he said 1...2...3!" jake lifted me up by my waist so I cood reach the branch. I climbed up 2 where we used to sit. He did to. "this place really hasn't changed" I said. "ya, I wanna give u this" He said handing me a little box. I opened it, inside was a necklace. It was a heart that said "you'll never be forgotten" in it. "oh my gosh Jake! I luv it!" I said hugging him. I let go a looked in his beautiful emerald eyes of his. I noticed he started leaning in. He was only an inch away when he said, "I luv u" then he kissed me.... i kissed back .... he smiled i giggled backing away.. im sorry he said looking down at the floor.. for what? i like it.. i said looking at him.. he smiled and hugged me.. then i heard a voice from behind us.. i turned around to see if i could see anyone but i didnt i felt jake poke me i turned to him and he pointed to below us.. i looked down and saw zayn looking at us wet and with flakes by the snow..zayn giggled.. you to look Cute Now if you excuse me i need to bring ms.flemington to her house now..  zayn said while pointing at me.. im sorry maybe you miss understood this whole situation but just to make it easy im not going anywhere with you.. i said as i felt discusted... he didnt respond he just looked down .. i felt a bit bad... i felt like telling him i..i.im sorry zayn.. i didnt mean to hurt you..but he was the one to hurt me....he started to walk away.. dont worry chloe i'll get you..... i looked at jake and he was just sitting there holding my hand and looking at my eyes..


what just happened right?.. lol

anyways hope you guys enjoyed this chapter..bye loves!!

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