"Trying To Be Perfect For You"

Hy my name is "chloe flemington" i am i normal teenage a girl,with of course the most common dream of all teens..i always wanted to meet one direction and i love them all equally as much!!.. but when we got to finally meet them in a concert.. one of them gave me there number!! (OMG RIGHT)..
Once we started talking then seeing each other.. he's been talking behind my back that he " wants to get a perfect life with a perfect girl" ..
as i wonderd if i was the perfect girl.. i started to worry and i started to try to perfect myself.... will zayn ever notice i want him!!. will he ever notice your trying so hard to be perfect just for him.. does he have his eyes on some other girl.. idk but i sure am trying but i think he's not noticeing.. am i dissapearing.. i met one of my old friends and he has a crush on me and i do too. but i really like zayn what do i do!!...(see what i did there!! it was a rhyme). .Read to find out!! I AM A HUMOROUS PERSON I LOVE WRITING STORIES .. LUV YA!!


2. A = Answering calls

Chloe's POV

(1 week later)

Ring' ring'ring' my phone started to ring as i was starteing to strip my clothes off to take a nice warm shower.. i go to my phone and it said



i wondered who it was, but i couldnt wonder who its could be .. i picked up the call and answered " hello"

hey" a familiar boy answered back..."who's this" i said a little bit confused..?.Zayn.. the boy answered back.. i almost fainted but then came back to reality, How do You have my number..uhh.. when you Were the one Who gave me Yours and i didnt give you mine"??

I have My ways love.. the "zayn" said.. i could imagine him grining in the other line..

cool...? i said as i was kind of confused..

Um zayn, its kind of early do you mind if you call me or i call you back later..

yes,, he chuckled threw the other line, have fun takeing a shower.. as soon as i was about to ask him how he knew he had hunged up..

i was kind of scared now..


(Sorry for the different size print, I am using my phone)


I went to my room with my hair rapt in the towel.. No one was in my house, Rosie went to get breakfast and I was alone... I finished drying my hair and I put it in a messy bun.. I was wearing some, red shorts and a black and white striped side ways shirt I wore my vans and sat in my living room to watch TV..I decided to play a game on my phone when it suddenly rings.,I pick it up and zayn was on the other line.. Hey do you think we can meet each other some where.. I thought of his question.. But I would like to go.. So I answered yes.. "Yes" why would you ask?

I just wanted to see you that's it...he answered back.. I have lots of question I said.....

Text me.. K


Our conversation"

"Zayn=were do you want to meet?

Me=idk surprise me.. :-) 

"Zayn=OK were you live so I can pick you up at 6:30?¿

Me=First of all how did you know I was going to take a shower?

"Zayn=I have my ways oohh and I know were you live I will pick you up st 6:30:-)  bye!


OK? Where is he getting so much info!! Gezzus!

I heard the door slam shut from my living room.. With care and security I new it was Rosie..but I was wrong it was Niall?(twist ya right!?¿

He interned my room and I had no such thing as words!

Ugh u_ hum_

Don't ask love just enjoy your view..

From that I lost my shyness .. What's to enjoy? I said a bit annoyed at his confidence ..

He just stared at me with his mouth shut open .. Are you for real..? He asked me a little bit taken back at my comment.. I nodded idk do you see me or not? I said ssarcastically with a cheeky grin.. Omg.. Louis girl right here! He said pointing at me..

I pretended I didn't know who Louis was.. Who's Louis? I said with a fake non noticeable confused face.. .. I think I don't see you or either I'm not listening right! He said rubbing his eyes.

I giggled.. Honey if you see me and hear me its happenen! I said trying not to giggle..

He finished rubbing his eyes then he looked at me....I almost died!

He giggled. Your a feisty girl no wonder zayn. Likes you.. He said with a smile on his face..

From there he really got me I didn't answer he just giggled and giggled he fell on the floor and everything.. I diceded to talk.. Dramatic I said in a high squeeky voice and turning away from him..he just stopped giggly got up from the floor and started to almost spit and he cracked up again.. His laugh was so funny he made me laugh.... I got up from my bed from where I was sitting and I pushed niall To the floor nocking him down making me on top of him with both of my legs on each side of his stomach..he got serious and looked at me.. I felt and embarrassed and I think I did something wrong.. He just looked at my eyes then at my mouth.. I blushed and then I heard zayn's voice.. Glad you two are having fun.. I jumped off him and as soon as I got on my two feet I slipped back and fell on my bottom.. Zayn started laughing but niall was just pure blushing and so was I.. Zayn gave me his hand to help me up.. Once I got up I rubbed my bottom and zayn giggled with a grin on his face.. What I asked? I wish I could do that to you.,he said in a manly voice.. I giggled and rolled my eyes and he started at my mouth while I started to talk.. Well back off course you ain't getting none,, I said as I started walking away.. Again zayn whistled at me as I bent down to get my phone witch had fallen while I tackled niall.

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