Niall and the New Kid part 2: Love Story

In the last adventure, Niall and Catie were just ordinary friends. Now is Catie getting feelings for Niall Horan? Is Niall getting feelings for Catie? Are the going to have make ups and breaks or will there friendship be torn apart forever? Read the book to find out.


1. The dream

                 Niall and I were walking in the park, holding hands. It was the greatest feeling I ever had. We got ice cream together and everything. I never wanted this day to end. We were the perfect couple.

                 Then we went to dinner at a fancy restaurant. I hugged him a couple times. Next we went to the mall and shopped for jewlery, Niall paied for what I wanted. I thought that was very sweet of him. After that he dropped me off, he started leaning in. Next thing I knew, our lips were touching. 

                 I woke up. It was all a dream. Today was the first day back to school from winter break. I hadn't seen Niall in forever because he was on tour. He wasnt going to come back until next year. I missed him. I really wanted to see him.

                 I texted him and called him. The new album had been a hit. After awhile he stopped answering. He was my friend, but I still missed him. I had feelings for him. I went downstairs and had to leave right away. I got back to school. When I got inside I saw a new girl, I went over to her and started talking to her. I didn't have any friends since one direction was gone.

                  She knew about 1D. She said they were her favourite band. We became best friends by lunch. Her name was Cristy. I decided to tell her about my dream. She said that Niall might have feelings for me. I said I highly doubted it. We were just friends.  But I wish Niall and I were more than friends.                

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