Niall and the New Kid part 2: Love Story

In the last adventure, Niall and Catie were just ordinary friends. Now is Catie getting feelings for Niall Horan? Is Niall getting feelings for Catie? Are the going to have make ups and breaks or will there friendship be torn apart forever? Read the book to find out.


6. Lunch

                      That day, Cristy and I were sitting at a lunch table, when Niall and Harry came to sit with us. "We want to ask you, both of you something" Harry said , " we want to know if you want to go on our first date tomorrow. Cristy and I just stared at them waiting to see if they had anything else to say. "Its going to be at Nandos!" Niall said excitedly. Cristy answered " I am sorry, but I am busy tomorrow." 

                       Harry answered her "Then maybe next Friday."  Cristy and I looked at each other and nodded with smiles. Then all of a sudden the bell rings. Since its a new semester, Niall and I don't have the same class that we used to have together. I decided to walk him to his next class. When we got there, I said bye and hugged him. Girls looked at me in a jealous way. I wondered if Cristy was being looked at like that..

                      The next day Cristy told me that she was being looked at like that, but she didn't know why. "Because they are jealous of you going out with Harry." I told her. "Ohh" she answered. At lunch, Cristy and I decided to sit with our other friends. All of a sudden I looked at Niall and Harry and saw them getting up with all their stuff and their trays. They were coming to our table. "Mind if we sit here?" Niall asked. 

                     One of my friends who hated one direction said " Yes, I mind and so does everyone else." Everyone shook their head except her. Her name is Natalie. "Its OK, you can sit down, don't mind her." They sat down at the table. "Why do you want them to sit here?" Natalie asked as if they were not there. "Because Harry is my boyfriend and Niall is Catie's boyfriend" Cristy said. "Ohh" Natalie said, "then I will just ignore them."  "OK, whatever." I said to Natalie.

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