Niall and the New Kid part 2: Love Story

In the last adventure, Niall and Catie were just ordinary friends. Now is Catie getting feelings for Niall Horan? Is Niall getting feelings for Catie? Are the going to have make ups and breaks or will there friendship be torn apart forever? Read the book to find out.


4. Huge surprise

The next day Niall was still absent i couldn't blame him though, I even felt like i was going to get a fever soon. I was right. I had to go to the nurse and it turned out that i had the flu, so I had to go home. I called Niall and told him I was sick too. " You are always getting sick." He said. "I know, it's just so cold outside though"
Even by Friday i wasn't better, but Niall was. When he went to school, i stayed home from school. Today could have been the day where i got the surprise i thought to myself. When my mom got back from work I told her how Niall has a Huge surprise for me but can't give it to me because I am sick. "Niall's back?" My mom asked. "Yea, he has been back for a couple days. Today he just got better."
"Well hopefully you will get better by monday." My mom said. Hopefully I thought to my self. By monday I was completly flu free. I felt better, way better. I did not get to school early so the surprise had to wait. We got a new project in science, this time I did not get Niall in my group.
After school I went up to Niall and asked, "Can you tell of give me the surprise now?" He answered, "Nope got to wait until tomorrow, make sure you come early. The next day I did come early. With Cristy right beside me. I found out that Cristy's full name was Cristina right at that moment. Niall came up about five minutes later with something behind his back. He came up to me grining and asked six words,"Will you go out with me?" Then he pulled out flowers from behind his back. That was the huge surprise.
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