Niall and the New Kid part 2: Love Story

In the last adventure, Niall and Catie were just ordinary friends. Now is Catie getting feelings for Niall Horan? Is Niall getting feelings for Catie? Are the going to have make ups and breaks or will there friendship be torn apart forever? Read the book to find out.


5. Harold Edward Styles

                           I suddenly got a sick feeling in my stomach. I  I took the flowers and ran off. I went straight home, good thing my mom was at work. I fell asleep for an hour then I heard the song Kiss you, by 1D. That is my ringtone. I looked at my phone and the person that was calling was Cristy. But Cristy did not answer, Niall did. "Why did you run off home, do you really hate me that much, do you love the flowers more then me?" I answered "No, I just got nervous and you know what I do when I get nervous."

                           "I know"' Niall said "So what is the answer then?" I replied, "I... I...I.... the answer is yes.", "REALLY!", Niall screemed. "Yes!" I said. I will be at school tomorrow. Then I hung up. Around 5:00p.m, Cristy came over. I told her that Niall and me were going out. She screeched and said, "OMG". Then I thought of a question to ask Cristy, "Who is your favorite from 1D?", she answered "Harold Edward Styles"

                             The next day I went back to school. I saw Niall and went to hug him. I also said sorry for what I did the day before. I saw Harry and Cristy talking, I went to see what was going on with them. I asked Cristy if she told him and she said no.  When I saw Harry alone, I went to Harry and told him about Cristy. "You should  go out with her." I told Harry. "Maybe i just will.", Harry said. Then I saw Niall and went to hold hands with him.

                                The day after I talked to Harry about Cristy, Cristy called me around 9:00a.m. She told me that Harry needed to talk to her, but she wanted me there. So I said ok and called Niall to tell him to meet me at the school. Niall and I got there at the same time. Cristy was already there and so was Harry. All of a suddon I see Cristy jump and hug Harry. Then she went to me and said thank you.

                                 "Why are you saying thanks to me, did you really want me here at school that bad?" I said. Then she answered, "No, you told Harry to ask me out and he did, right now." I replied with, "What did you say?" She answered right away, "Of course I said "YES".

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