Niall and the New Kid part 2: Love Story

In the last adventure, Niall and Catie were just ordinary friends. Now is Catie getting feelings for Niall Horan? Is Niall getting feelings for Catie? Are the going to have make ups and breaks or will there friendship be torn apart forever? Read the book to find out.


2. Big surprise

After school someone called me, it was Niall. I answered right away. "Hi" i heard Niall's voice on the speaker. "Hey,why havn't you been answering me lately?" I answered. "Because i was really really busy, i really did want to call you back, but i couldnt." "Ohh" i replied. He replied with an question," Why did you call me so much, anyways?". I hesitated, i didn't want to tell him the real truth, so i told part of it, "i was worried"
He said that he had to go. The next day i called him back during and after school, but he didn't answer. Here we go again i though. "You shouldn't had called him so much" i heard Cristy's voice. "Your right, i guess i was just worried about him."
Cristy answered," I know how you feel, but just stop calling him or texting him. It will not help.". "Ok", i said," I will just text him." " No" Cristy had said, so i just followed her rules. When i got home Niall called. Again i answered right away. "I have a big surprise for you" Niall said right when i answered. "Cool, but how?" , I replied "Just come to the school early tomorrow"
"Ok...", i answered. I said i had to go and hanged up. I wonder what the big surprise was. I called Cristy and she said she would come with me. The next day we got to school around 8:30, because school didnt start untill 9:00. Nobody was there. Nothing was there. "I think it was a trick.", Cristy said. "Lets just stay here.", I told Cristy. In about ten minutes a car pulled up. Someone walked out of it. I knew exactly who it was. It was Niall James Horan.
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