Change your mind

Alison and Michael have been friends for as long as they could remember but Alison finds out Michael's secret and it's a strange one. Alison can't believe it and may end they're friendship that they've had since toddlers. Michael has to change her mind before they've lost they're connection. Is it possible?


2. Who knew?

                                                                                        ***Michael's POV***

"Hey A. I'll be back in a minute. I'm gonna go have a civilized chat with this punk for a sec." I said, dragging the guy out by his arm. "Uh, yeah, okay..." Alison said as I walked out the door. "Hey man, where are you taking me? You wanna piece of this huh? You wanna fight?" The annoying stranger said. "Actually I have something better for you..." I said, pulling him aside into a dark  alley. "What is..." Was all the guy said before I knocked him out. I then crouched down beside him and made a little cut on his arm with my nail. "Mmm, snack time." I said to myself as I raised his arm to my mouth. I drank for a few seconds and licked the cut, closing up the wound. All that was left was a little scar that he wouldn't notice when he woke up. I then stood up and walked out of the alley. I quickly walked, feeling Alison close by. I couldn't tell her my secret just yet. Soon though, I will. I really don't know how A. is going to take to me being a vampire. But when the time comes all I can do is hope she doesn't take it too hard because she's going to be a big part of it.


I was almost to the café when I saw Alison walking up to me. "There you are! What took you so long?!" She said, now jogging. "Oh, you know. Just roughened him up a bit and he ran off. Scared the living day lights out of the jerk!" I said, lying. It hurts to lie, but after these all years I can see the positives of it. It protects her, but soon she'll be dragged down into my true life with me. "Uh... Michael? You alright? That fight tire you out?" I snapped out of my thoughts and looked at Alison. "Oh, sorry. No, I'm good. Just remembering his face. Priceless." I said, giving grin. "Alright. Just making sure. You looked pretty deep in thought..." She said. Looks like I gotta watch my thoughts better. I thought to myself. "Nope, all good. You ready to go? Want to catch a movie or something?" I said, as we walked back into the café. "That sounds delightful. I heard they're playing the classic old black and white horror films down at the grave yard." She said, as we got our things and left. "You and everything vintage." I said, rolling my eyes. Alison seriously has a obsession with things in earlier time periods. Anything that's the slightest bit vintage and you got her hooked. "You know you can't wrong with black and white classics! I hear they're going to be showing 'Nosfuratu'! You have to admit that's a pretty kick a film!" She said, jumping with enthusiasm. Oh joy, stereotypical vampire movies. Just peachy. "Alright, whatever." I said. We hopped into my car. "Yay! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She said, hugging me. "Yeah, yeah." I said, messing with her hair. "Hey! No touching!" She shrieked, pushing me away. "A, your hair is still perfect as always. Chill." I said, starting my car. "Perfect huh?" she questioned, giving me a face. "Yes, perfect. Just like you." I said, giving her a sideways wink. "Right." She said, not believing it. She then turned up the radio to a Coldplay song and started singing along until we arrived at the grave yard. Her and her music. I sighed to myself. I then got of the car and pulled a blanket out of the trunk. "I assume you have some snacks in your bag?" I asked Alison. "Sure do!" She said skipping to a spot in the grass. We sat up our things and got comfy.


After watching a few movies I checked my phone to see what time it was. It was getting close curfew. "Hey A. We better get going, it close to midnight. Don't want to keep your mom waiting." I said, looking down at her. She had her head in my lap and was enjoying the movie that was projecting. "Oh, alright." she said, giving me a pouty face. "I'm sure this movie on Netflix or something if you're that into it." I said as we started to pack up. "Oh, it is. I watched it a couple times already. It's not too shabby." she said, giving a grin. "No surprise there." I said giving a little laugh as we walked, side stepping a group of gothic teenagers. "It's the maid by the way." Alison said, turning to look at me. I got into my car. "What about a maid?" I said, turning to her. "The maid is the maniac killer in the movie we were just watching. If you wanted to know." She said, giving a grin. "Oh, of course. You and you're never ending facts about black and white cinema." I said, giving a wink. "Hey! You never know if some random stranger just comes and ask you how many people the stereotypical maid kills." She said, making a face. "And exactly how many does the stereotypical maid kill in the movie we were just watching?" I questioned. "Five! Were you even watching the movie?!" she exclaimed. "I was too watching the movie. Just checking your facts." I said, giving a little chuckle. "Yeah, yeah." She said as we drove off to her house.

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