Change your mind

Alison and Michael have been friends for as long as they could remember but Alison finds out Michael's secret and it's a strange one. Alison can't believe it and may end they're friendship that they've had since toddlers. Michael has to change her mind before they've lost they're connection. Is it possible?


3. Time

***Michael's POV***

As I was about to pull out from Alison's house after dropping off Alison and saying hello to the misses my phone buzzed. I pulled out the phone and sighed. It was my mother, I answered it. "Yes, mum?" "Michaelis Lucian Bradford, where have you been? You realize you have a meeting with the royal court in less than an hour?"  She screamed into my ear. I pulled the phone away for a second to situate myself from her ear splitting voice. "Yes, I did realize this mum. I'll be at the castle in a bit. I'm already nervous enough." I started to drive to the castle at break neck speed. "Michael, you've put off this meeting for long enough. It's time you've got everything in order about Alison, becoming king, and the ceremony. Everything will work out and be grand. The king, excuse me, your father has been worried about you and you know he has enough to worry about." "I know mum. I'm just not sure how Alison is going to take this. Why has father been worried about me?" "I know it's going to be tough when you tell her but she'll have to accustom to it. Until then you need to be prepared for the least expected. And you know how your father is everything needs to be in order and you've been out a lot with Alice. Is everything going the way it should be with her?" "Alright, but you told me to spend as much time as I can with Alison. It seems everything is going well with her. I mean, she's my best friend and all..." "Yes, of course. It's good to spend time with her." "Mum, I have spent every single day together with her since we were 4, I'm pretty sure we're okay." "I know, I know. Anyways, I need to go. I expect you to be here in less then 5 minutes, do you hear me?" "Yes, mum." "Okay, hon. Love you." "You too." I said, and hung up the phone.

A minute later I pulled up through the long, hidden drive way to the castle. The castle is quite beautiful. It is well kempt, huge, a bit mysterious, and in a middle of a forest. It's like something out of a fairy tale, but technically my life is a fairy tale, and all the rest of my family's. I hopped out of my car and jogged inside the castle. "There you are! You have less than a half an hour to get ready for everything!" Which was the greeting my mum gave me. "Um, hello to you too..." I said, as I quickly pecked her on the cheek. "I'm sorry, that wasn't necessarily a polite way to greet you with." "Mum, I got everything under control." I said. "I know you do. Just thought I would give some tough love." "Yeah, yeah. I better go change into something presentable and get everything together." I said as I started to walk through the wide hall to my room. "Yes, dear. Of course." My mum said, as I shut the door.

Now, as you can imagine, my mom is a tough, petite woman who works hard at everything.  She never takes no for an answer. She is very independent and makes a fine queen to the vampire heir. She has fine black hair with a silver streak in it and wears business suits as her everyday attire, except for royal balls. My mom is your average hard working business woman.

I quickly changed into the royal attire and grabbed all the paperwork I would need for the meeting. I sat down for a moment and sipped a cup of coffee to calm my nerves down.

If you were wondering, vampires don't only need blood to survive, we need average human food too. We can also go out in the sun if you couldn't tell before. Stakes to heart, garlic, and all that stuff is just a human superstition and doesn't kill as all. We are not immortal but can live up to around 500 years. The only way to kill us is if you ripped our heads off and burned our bodies. Other than that we heal quickly. We don't sleep in coffins either. We actually don't need that much sleep. We only need a few hours of it to last a couple weeks. My family doesn't kill humans either. We only take a bit of blood from a human to survive. Killing a human is outlawed and despised on. And yes, we can obviously reproduce. Either by mating or turning a human into one with permission, but I won't go into detail.

Anyways, back to the story. I sat there with the cup of steamy coffee and thought about the meeting when my younger sister walked in. "Claudia, what could you possibly want at this time. You know my meeting is soon." I said, as I sensed her presence in my room. "Yes, brother. I know. Mother actually sent me to get you. It's time." I turned to look at her. She was dressed in her royal attire. "Oh, alright. Why are you dressed in royal attire also? Are you attending the meeting too?" "Um, yeah. It's my right also to help make decisions about the next heir you know." "Yes, yes. We better head to the court room then, don't want to keep them waiting." I said, as I patted my thirteen year old sisters blonde hair. "Hey, I just had it prepped. Don't ruin my hair already!" Claudia said. "You and your hair, it looks perfectly fine. Quit worrying." I said as she gave a pouty face. We walked up to the court rooms and stopped. "Well, this is when the big decisions are finally going to be made about my future... " "Michael, you'll do fine. I know you will. Everything is going to end up perfect. I promise." Claudia said with a smile. "Well that's a big promise to make. We'll see if you were right." I said to her, as I stepped to open the big, wood doors to my destiny deciding's.



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