Change your mind

Alison and Michael have been friends for as long as they could remember but Alison finds out Michael's secret and it's a strange one. Alison can't believe it and may end they're friendship that they've had since toddlers. Michael has to change her mind before they've lost they're connection. Is it possible?


1. As it began

                                                                             ***ALISON'S POV***

I walked up to  my locker and fished out the contents I needed for the weekend. I was just shutting my locker when my best friend since I was a toddler, walked up and grinned. "Hey there A. You ready to go? I hear that poetry slam is going to be great. A certain girl I know with mad skills is going to be there." He said, giving me a wink. By the girl with mad poetry skills he meant me. "Mad skills huh? I bet she woos you with her skills?" I said, giving a wink back and linking arms with Michael. "Yes, indeed she does. But in the friendly way." he said. "Yeah, yeah. Anyways, how did that French test go? Heard it was a killer!" I said, as Michael fished his car keys out of his pocket to unlock his Honda. "Got an A as always! You know I never fail at school." He said, plopping down into his car. "Yeah, well you tried poetry and that ended with everyone being gloomy. You should really use your words for the better. You're always so cheery but when it's with writing your like the grim reaper. How is that?" I said, glancing at him sideways. "Oh, I don't know..." he said, obviously too busy with driving. "Alright..." I said, cranking up the radio a little bit to Modest Mouse.

      Once we got to Tea Reads, Michael and I hopped out of the car and walked in, the smell of Coffee and Tea hitting my senses. I instantly got a energy rush. This was my element. Reading and writing poetry let me get my thoughts out and lifted my spirits. If it wasn't for poetry I'm sure life wouldn't be a peach. Even though it's not much of one now, but life was okay at the moment. "I don't go on for about a half hour," I said, looking at my vintage pocket watch I was wearing around my neck. "You want me to grab a booth while you get the energy brew?" I asked. "Yep, that's fine. The usual I assume?" Michael asked back. "As always!" I said turning and plopped down in a empty booth. A few minutes later Michael sat down across from me and sat my mug of peach tea in front of me while sipping his coffee. "Thanks! My fav!" I said, doing a little wiggle. I sipped the hot liquid. "Mmm, can't go wrong with peach tea!" I said, grinning. "You seriously have an addiction with tea." He said, giving a little chuckle. "Oh lay off. It's delicious!" I said, sipping my mug again. "Whatever, so what are you reading tonight?" He said, grabbing my notebook of poems and starting to page through it. "You'll..." I paused, grabbing my notebook back. "Just have to wait and see. It's a surprise. I wanna see your reaction when I read it." I said, giving a grin. "Well whatever you read I'm sure it'll knock my socks off." He said, giving a grin back. "Next up, Alison Braswell!" the guy at the mic called. "Well, that's my cue!" I said, hopping up and walking up on stage. "Hey guys, today I'm going to read a poem I wrote called "Running in circles". Hope you enjoy!" I said, opening my journal to the poem and then began.


Time goes and time comes,

but your face is all I see

I ask myself can this be?

You're such a looker but inside you're a breaker

I should know better by now

all you want is to play 

while I want a good boy to see my ways

You never look my way

But I think of what it could be everyday

Its time I stop this

but all I do is run

and run

and run

in circles all around you but you never seem to notice

take a time to glance and question

please oh please

I burst with a spark when I see your eyes

but I know it can't be

but I run anyways

and run

and run

in circle around you

One day I'll find someone better

And a day may come when you realize I was running to you

but that day will be too late

and you my friend

will be running

and running

and running

in circles all around me

but I'm gonna give back to you

which you gave to me

medicine you say?

well sure, but that's how I was treated from you

and that's how I'll some day treat you

so run

and run

and run

in circles all around me

 I then fell out of my trance and looked up. I took a breath and walked off stage while everyone snapped. It felt good to be in the feel, it couldn't be better. I sat back down across from Michael and looked to see his reaction. It was a look of happiness and a little bit of shock. "Dang girl, you do got mad skills!" He said, giving a goofy grin. "It was nothing. Just me in my zone." I said, sipping my tea. "Where did that come from?" He asked. "Oh you know, in here and here." I said, pointing to my head and heart. "Wow, well keep it up." He said. "Indeed, I will." I replied, then turned my attention to the next reader.  

Michael got up a few minutes later to go to the restroom. I was listening to a reader when I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to face a random guy. "Man, you got some brains. That poem was chill." the guy said. "Uh, thanks." I said, trying to be friendly. I wasn't interested in him though. I started to turn back around but he spoke again. "So that guy you're with, he your boyfriend?" He asked. "Not really." I said, hoping that was enough to end the conversation. "Well in that case, you should go on a date with me. How does that sound babe?" He said, giving a cocky grin. What a juice box! "Excuse me? You have no right to call me babe. I don't even know you and you're acting like a total a-hole. And if you really are that brain damaged by the way you talk, you haven't realized I won't go on a date with you. Which is what I will do. So back off and drool  on another girl." I said, starting to flame up with anger. Gosh, guys could be such jerks sometimes. "Hey, I was being nice. You're not that attractive anyways. No wonder you're single. You're really b*tchy, you know that?" He said, grabbing my arm. "Yeah, well drool on this!" I said, taking my mug of tea and pouring it all over him. "That satisfy your jerky attitude?" I asked, giving a glare. Darn, a perfectly good mug of tea wasted on that jerk. "You little..." The jerk started to say but was cut off by Michael. "How about we talk for a minute shall we?" Michael said, giving a look at the guy. "Hey A. I'll be back in a minute. I'm gonna go have a civilized chat with this punk for a sec." He said, dragging the guy out by his arm. "Uh yeah okay.." I said. I then grabbed some napkins and cleaned up the mess I made. If my mom hadn't had known the owner to this café I would have been kicked out by now. I sat down when I was down and waited a few minutes. Michael still wasn't back. I waited a minute more but then decided to go look for him.  



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