I smile...

Just a poem about stuff...


1. I Smile...

I smile


I smile when my sisters laugh,

and when my brother's sweet,

because those little things,

are like a birds most beautiful tweet.


I smile when days are amazing,

and I feel nothing could go wrong,

because those kind of days.

feel like a song.


I cry


I cry because I have been strong,

for far too long,

And I have cracked,

From the pain the size of Hong Kong.


I cry when nothing goes right,

because of my plight,

And because,

I haven't seen the light.


I laugh


I laugh because joyful moments,

bring out the best,

perfect just like,

a bird's nest.


I laugh when days are peaceful,

and bright,

Just like the sky, and the stars,

when it's night.


I am just like every other girl,

when you look across the world,

Because all the girls,

have those days that mean the world.


I am just like every other girl,

when you look across the world,

because all the girls,

have the days where it feels like something's crushing the world.


And every other girl,

when you look around the world is always hiding something,

in that cry, in that laugh,

even in that smile.

There's always something hidden. Always




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