The brother I didn't know about

One day Abby Tomlinison was at Starbucks in London where she was wearing a TEAM TOMLINISON shirt. Then Louis YES LOUIS from one direction came up to her and asked her where she got the shirt from and she said....


1. Getting Coffee

 "I walked into starbucks on Tuesday March 15th and I was wearing my Team Tomlinison shirt. Then Louis Tomlinison came and asked me where i got my shirt from." I said I got it from my dad. 

 He asked what my dad's name was, I answerd Doug Tomlinison. he was shock and said that's my dad. I was shocked and didn't know what to say the i asked "What's your mothers name" he answered "Johanna Tomlinison" thats when i fainted and woke up 10 minutes later with all of One Direction by me.


 Then I called my dad and he called his mom and we both asked do i have a twin i don't know about. They both said yes. We were SHOCKED and started hugging each other  because we were so happy.

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