Harry Is A Spy (Action/ One Direction)

Sarah is a normal teenage girl. She is in love with the band One Direction. I mean who isn't. She is in love with the teen heart throb Harry Styles. Her room is covered in Harry posters. What happens when she finds out Harry is a spy? What happens when they both fall in love? Will Sarah be in danger? Read More and Find Out.


5. Sarah....



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Harry's POV

When Sarah and I got back to my place. I had to start training her. If Hannah found out she knew. Bad things could happen. Bad things. And I will blame myself if anything happened to Sarah. "Harry where are we going?" Sarah asked. "To the basement" I said and grabbed her hand. We walked down there. I turned the light on. "Oh My God this is amazing" Sarah said. I chuckled. "How could you afford all this?" Sarah asked. I smiled. "You will see" I said. I opened up different compartments. Sarah was shocked. I smiled. I grabbed some weapons. Sarah raised an eyebrow. "We have to find what weapon or weapons you are good at. It's the way we are. And I know a gun is not for you" I said.

Sarah nodded. I put some wooden dummies up. "Okay Sarah a spy isn't all about killing or fighting. Its about patience, stifle, movability and you have to know when a person is going to strike. Like with me today I waited until he attacked which is what you do. Okay" I said. Sarah nodded. we started training. "Okay Sarah attack now" I said. She chucked the knife. It hit the wooden dummy in a target spot. "Very good. Just a little more faster" I said. Sarah nodded. We went over it again for a while. "Okay a knife is for you. Do you want to try a bow and arrow?" I asked. Sarah nodded. "Okay" I said. I grabbed it and handed it to her. She used it and shot the target on the roof. Man I could never get that. "Okay wow do you know how to use this or something?" I asked.

Sarah smiled. "I did archery until I was like 15" Sarah said. I smiled. I went through all the spy gadgets I had. i should tell you as well. I had x-Ray glasses, Walkie Talkies, Tracking devices, Explosive chewing gum, contact lens video camera, the dagger shoe, hammer hands, stompers, electric chewing gum, electric whip, the bag of pranks, HD recording sunglasses, laser lipstick, credit car lock pick, Pager, homing beacon and laser pen. "Okay that is a lot of stuff" Sarah said. "We have to babe" I said. Sarah smiled.  We got back into the lounge. A knock came at the door. I walked over and answered it. "Ella" I said. Ella hugged me. She pulled back. "Come in" I said. Ella smiled and walked in. Sarah looked at me. "Ella my girlfriend Sarah. Sarah my friend Ella she is also a spy" I said. Ella looked at me. "Tell you later" I said. "Nice to meet you" Ella said. "You too" Sarah said. 

"Harry can I use your bathroom?" Sarah asked. I nodded. "Up the stairs on your right" I said. Sarah nodded.

Sarah's POV

I walked into the bathroom. Which had a toilet in it as well. I shut the door and locked in. I sat on the ground. He seems so happy with Ella around. Why is he saying I'm his girlfriend. I am not. A knock came at the door. "Sarah you alright?" Harry asked. I rolled my eyes. "Fine" I said. "Okay. Nothing is going on between Ella and me so you know" Harry said. I am not stupid. "It's fine if you are. I don't care. Because you did lie to her. I'm not your girlfriend" I said. Harry sighed. "Yes I know but if spies found out I told a friend I would be in deep shit" Harry said. "So all you care about is yourself" I said.

"Sarah no its you I care about" Harry said. "Hary what is going on?" Ella asked. "Nothing Ella" Harry said. God sake. "Just have fun with Ella I don't care" I snapped. Why am I so angry? "Sarah" Harry said. I didn't answer. "Sarah what are you doing?" Harry said. I opened the window. I got on the roof and closed it. I then jumped off the roof. I am going to kill Hannah. I don't care what happens to me. I ran off.

Harry's POV

I backed up and broke the door down. She wasn't in there. "Oh god" I said. "What?" Ella asked. I looked at Ella. "She is going to fight Hannah. She can't. Hannah will kill her" I said and ran into the spy room. Ella did the same. I grabbed what I needed. "I need you to go back to HQ and tell Peter what has happened. Ask him to get a team down okay" I said to Ella. Ella nodded and left. I put the tracking device on. I track with her phone. 

I ran out and got into my spy car. I placed the phone down and drove off. Peter was calling. I clicked the screen. "What happened?" Peter asked. I looked at him. "Ella came around and well Sarah got a bit upset and she ran off. I am going after her. I know what she is doing. She is going to fight Hannah" I said. Peter nodded. "Okay I am sending a team as well they are following you" Peter said. "Okay thank you. I have to go almost there" I said. Peter nodded. "Okay bye Harry and be careful" Peter said. "It's Sarah I am worried about" I said and cancelled the call. 

I got to where Sarah was and waited the others came up. I got out of the car as I saw the others pull up. They stepped out. We went over a plan. "No one attack until I say so" I said. They nodded. We walked in. "Your after me sister" Sarah yelled. "Shh..." I whispered. "Well if you didn't find out Harry was a spy I would have to" Hannah said. I got mad. "You do not go near my sister she is only little" Sarah said. I heard a gun fire. Sarah screamed. "Go now" I said. They ran in. I did the same. Sarah was on the ground bleeding. "Sarah" I said and ran over. Sarah looked at me. "I'm sorry" Sarah cried. Patrick put his hands on Sarah's stomach. "Your going to be okay" I said. Sarah nodded and screamed. I grabbed Sarah's hand.

"What are we going to do with Hannah?" Taylor asked. "Blindfold her and get Peter to decide what happens" I said. Sarah started to close her eyes. "No keep them open" I said. "I can't" Sarah said. "Yes you can okay. Your going to be fine" I said. I could feel my tears watering. I looked at Summer. "Summer call Peter now" I said. Summer nodded and did what I said. I stroked Sarah's cheek her eyes closed. "Sarah open your eyes" I said. She didn't. "Sarah come on please" I said tears fell. She still didn't answer me. A medical team ran in. They pushed all of us back. "She's going into shock. We have to get her back and fast" Sally said. They took Sarah out. More tears fell. Ella ran in. "Harry" Ella said. "Hannah is so dead" I snapped and walked out. I got into my car and drove off. 

When I got back to HQ Peter looked at me. He hugged me. I cried in his chest. "I'm sorry I failed" I cried. "Harry you didn't" Peter said. I nodded. We pulled away. I wiped my tears off. "She survived okay" Peter said. I nodded. "Go see her she may be asleep but go see her" Peter said. I nodded and walked off. I got into the infirmary. Sarah was asleep on the bed. I walked over and sat down grabbing her hand. I stroked it. "I'm sorry I promised to protect you" I whispered and kissed Sarah's hand. "Harry" Sarah mumbled. I looked up and smiled. "I'm here love" I said. Sarah looked at me. "I'm sorry I got jealous its just I don't know you looked so happy when Ella was around and..." "Don't worry about it everyone gets jealous" Harry said cutting me off. Sarah nodded. "I love you" I said. Sarah smiled. "Love you too" Sarah said.

Peter walked in. "Sarah your awake" Peter said. Sarah nodded. "What's happening to Hannah?" Sarah asked. I looked up. "She's in a black interview room blindfolded" Peter said. Sarah nodded. "You can leave tonight" Sally said. Sarah nodded. I stroked Sarah's forehead. "Now Sarah how would you like to become a spy since we lost one we need another" Peter said. Sarah looked at me. "What ever you want to do I'll stick by you" I said. Sarah nodded. "Yes I would Peter" Sarah said. Peter smiled. "Good Harry can keep training you. We will call you when their are missions for you. Harry will join you in them as well" Peter said. Sarah nodded. I did as well. Later that day Sarah could go home. We hugged. 

I took Sarah home. "Thank you Harry" Sarah said. I smiled, "No problem babe" I said and pressed my lips onto hers. Sarah smiled and kissed back.


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