Harry Is A Spy (Action/ One Direction)

Sarah is a normal teenage girl. She is in love with the band One Direction. I mean who isn't. She is in love with the teen heart throb Harry Styles. Her room is covered in Harry posters. What happens when she finds out Harry is a spy? What happens when they both fall in love? Will Sarah be in danger? Read More and Find Out.


4. Must Protect Sarah Under All Costs


Now the Sarah knows what happens hmm... Read this chapter and find out.


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Harry's POV

I now have to protect Sarah. I like that idea. I got to the headquarters. I walked in and got to my boss. "Sir" I said. Peter faced me. "I heard one of your friends know" Peter said. Shit. "She didn't mean to listen she was getting something for her little sister" I said. Peter smiled. "It's fine don't worry about it. Just protect her. Anyone will go after her now to get to you than us" Peter said. I nodded. "What did you want me to do Peter?" I asked. I put a file on his desk. I walked up and grabbed it. 

I read through it. "Who is this?" I asked as I placed it down. Peter smiled and showed me pictures. "I want you to kill him. He is coming after any one in contact with a spy. Like Sarah and my wife. You need to kill him before its too late" Peter said. I nodded and ran out. I grabbed more guns and bullets. I also put a gun on. I can't let anyone now. I searched for him. Oh no. He's at Sarah's. I got into my awesome spy car and drove off full speed. I got to Sarah's house. I parked my car, put a mask on. Even though Sarah knows I can't let the rest. Once the mask was on. I ran into the house Sarah was screaming. I ran into the lounge. Patrick and Sasha were there as well. "Sarah, Sasha and Patrick get behind me now" I said. They got behind me.

"Benardo Zalen" John said. "John" I said. Sarah grabbed my arm. "Your going to be alright" I said. Sarah knew it was me. I smiled. I grabbed my guns out. "Your not going to kill me are you?" John asked. I smiled in the mask. "It is my job" I said. John ran towards me. I fired the gun. John dropped to the floor bleeding. I put gloves on and dragged John out. I put him in my car. Sarah ran out. We sat in the car. Sarah took my mask off. "Who was that?" Sarah asked. "An evil spy. They are going to come after you now. Take this" I said and handed Sarah a gun. 

Sarah shook her head. "No I can't" Sarah said. Sarah looked scared of the thing. "Sarah its for your safety" I said. Sarah shook her head. "No I will kill someone like before" Sarah said. My eyes widened. "What do you mean?" I asked. Sarah burst into tears. "I found my dads gun when I was young. I played with it and shot it at my friend. I killed him. I didn't mean to but I killed my best friend" Sarah cried. I put the gun on safety and hugged Sarah. Sarah cried in my chest. I rubbed her back. John woke up. we screamed. Sarah grabbed one of my guns and shot John. She screamed as well. I put all my guns on safety. 

"I want to take you somewhere" I said and put the car into drive. I drove off. "I didn't mean to use one of your guns" Sarah said. I smiled and grabbed her hand. "It's fine love you killed an evil guy" I said. Sarah smiled a little. "Is your dad a cop or something?" I asked. Sarah nodded. "Cop" Sarah said. I smiled. "Your mum?" I asked. "Doctor" Sarah said. I got to headquarters. I told Peter. He said okay. Since his wife knows and has been here before. "Where are we?" Sarah asked. "Headquarters" I said. We stepped out. Michael and Scott grabbed John's body. I locked the car and grabbed Sarah's hand. "Why are you showing me this?" Sarah asked. "Well because I have a major crush on you and I want you to be safe so I am finding a weapon that's for you" I said. Sarah smiled. "You love me" Sarah said.

I nodded. "Do you?" I asked. Sarah laughed. "Yes I have for 3 years. Posters Hary" Sarah said. I laughed. We got to the office. I knocked. "Come in" Peter said. We walked in. "Welcome Sarah to the spy headquaters" Peter said. "How does he know my name?" Sarah asked. "Sarah we a spies we know everyone's names" I said. Sarah nodded. "I killed John. Well Sarah did" I said. Peter nodded. "Good because he was the leader of this clan" Peter said. I walked up. Sarah stayed still. "Come here Sarah I think you know one of these people" I said. Sarah walked up. I felt her grab my hand. I showed her. "Hannah no way" Sarah said. "Sarah I'm a spy" I said. Sarah was shocked. "She would have told me" Sarah said. I looked at Sarah. "Oh right sorry" Sarah said. "You are in more danger than I thought" I said. "Amanda will be home soon Niall sent me a text" Sarah said.

I looked at Sarah. "Why did you tell me?" I said. Sarah looked at me. "I just got it" Sarah said. Sarah called Niall.

Sarah's POV

"Niall" I said.
"Hey Sarah what's up?" Niall asked.
"Can you look after Amanda tonight. Everyone is out" I said.
"Okay what time tomorrow do you want me to drop her off?" Niall asked.
"Midday would be great" I said.
"Okay bye I guess" Niall said.
"Bye" I said.

I hung up. Harry looked at me with worried eyes. "How old are your sisters and brother Sarah?" Peter asked. I looked at Peter. Harry placed his arms around my waist. "Sasha is 18, Patrick is 15 and Amanda is 5" I said. Peter nodded. "They will go after Amanda" Peter said. "Not if I have anything to do with it" I said. I got out of Harry's grip and went to walk off when Harry grabbed my arm. "No they will kill you. You saw me. They are worse though" Harry said. Harry made me face him. "None of my friends are safe the boys aren't" Harry said. "But if I didn't find out than Amanda wouldn't be in danger. I need to fix this" I said. Harry shook his head. "It's too risky you will be killed" Harry said.

I looked at Harry. "Better than Amanda" I said and walked out. "Sarah no" Harry shouted.

Harry's POV

"Harry go after her. Alright. Protect her and her family. Your new mission" Peter said. I nodded and walked out. I started looking for Sarah. If she dies. I would blame myself. Where are you Sarah? I got to the garage and saw Sarah looking at some cars. I ran up. "Sarah" I said. Sarah faced me. "Don't stop me" Sarah said. "I'm not I have to protect you. My new mission by Peter. I have to show you how to fight. Before you do. Trust me they will kill you. They almost killed me once. Peter saved me okay and for 4 years I have been a spy. And a very good one. I know which parts kill us okay so let me help"  I said. Sarah nodded. I smiled.


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