Harry Is A Spy (Action/ One Direction)

Sarah is a normal teenage girl. She is in love with the band One Direction. I mean who isn't. She is in love with the teen heart throb Harry Styles. Her room is covered in Harry posters. What happens when she finds out Harry is a spy? What happens when they both fall in love? Will Sarah be in danger? Read More and Find Out.


2. Meeting One Direction




The first chapter is a little short. So please don't give me any hate.


But could you please:









I got home from school. I chucked my bag against the wall. Mum came up holding something behind her. I raised an eyebrow. Mum smiled and showed me two One Direction tickets. I screamed. "Take Amanda with you as well" Mum said. I nodded and hugged mum. "Thank you so much" I said. "They are also meet and great since your grades are good and well we know you love them especially what's his name the curly haired one.... Harry that's it" Mum said. I smiled and hugged mum again. Mum smiled.

5 months past.....

I was getting ready for the concert. Amanda is excited. She likes Niall. It is so cute. I was dressed like Harry and Amanda was dressed like Niall. She looked so cute.

I smiled at what she wore. I picked her up. I grabbed the tickets. "We are leaving" I said. I kissed mums and dads cheeks. Amanda did the same. When we got to my car. I started it and drove off. When I got to the O2 arena. Amanda's mouth dropped.

I smiled. Once I grabbed everything. I carried Amanda. Girls looked at me. I locked my car. "Am I meeting Niall?" Amanda asked. I nodded. "Yes" I said. She smiled. I showed the man our tickets. He smiled and let us through. Amanda and I got to our seats. Front row seats. Right in the middle. 

After when everyone came in .We waited for a while. The boys ran on. Amanda smiled and pointed at Niall. She waved. Niall waved back. I smiled. Amanda and I got glares from the girls. Amanda and I were singing along. We got to the twitter part. "Hang on guys I want to say hi to the little girl in the front row" Niall said. Amanda was confused. "You" I whispered. Amanda's eyes widened. Niall got off the stage and walked up to us. He had a mic. "What is your name love?" Niall asked Amanda. Amanda looked at me. I smiled.

"Amanda" Amanda said. Niall smiled. "You dressed up like me I see" Niall said. Amanda nodded and pointed to me. I laughed. "Mind if I take her for a while?" Niall asked me. "No" i said. Amanda smiled. Niall grabbed Amanda and walked onto the stage with her. Harry winked at me. I smiled and looked down. They got on with the twitter questions. Mine was up there. Amanda smiled and pointed at me. i shook my head. "Ooh next tweet. Harry there is copy cat in the audience" Niall said.


Dancing around like Harry. Dressing like Harry. I am loving it. Anyway love you guys by the way and so does my sister Amanda. she loves Niall a lot. She cried when he cried

Sarahsummersharrysgril23                                     Front row                      seats 45-46.


"Lets find her" Liam said. I looked down. Amanda was pointing at me. "Ooh looks like Amanda found her for us. It seems to be Amanda's sister" Zayn said. i looked up. Harry walked off. He grabbed my hand. "What are you doing?" I asked. "You'll see I want to audience to see if you look like me. Clothes wise" Harry said. He walked me onto the stage. Harry stood beside me. "Okay wow that is freaky she must be a major fan of Harry to know what he wears" Louis said. "Are you wearing the cologne I wear?" Harry asked. 

I didn't speak. "I think she's scared Harry" Zayn said. Amanda walked up. Harry picked Amanda up. I smiled. Louis tickled me. I laughed. "Okay stop" I laughed. "Okay she is wearing your cologne Harry" Louis said. He stopped. I felt so embarrassed. Harry smiled. I got back to my seat. Niall kept a hold of Amanda. Amanda smiled. Her dream came true. I smiled back. At the end of the concert. I grabbed my bag and headed backstage. Once I got there Paul let me in. "Guys the people you can meet" Paul said.

They turned and stopped dead in their tracks. "Hi" I said. Amanda ran to Niall. Niall picked her up. Harry walked up. "How much of a fan are you of me?" Harry asked. I smiled. "Major like louis said" I said. Harry smiled. We started talking. I heard Harry's phone go off. He walked away from the group. "So Sarah how long have you been a fan for?" Zayn asked. "Since X-Factor" I said. Zayn smiled. "How old is Amanda?" Louis asked. "5" I said.

Harry walked back in. Amanda laughed. The boys turned. Niall was tickling Amanda. "Can I keep her?" Niall asked. I laughed. "Maybe you could come over. All you boys can if you want" I said. Amanda clapped. "I want Niall to come play tea party with me" Amanda said. Niall smiled. "I would love too" Niall said. My phone went off. And of course Harry's ringtone played. i grabbed it. 

"Hello" I said.
"You went to the 1D concert without me" Hannah yelled.
"I only had two" I said.
"Fine looks like I am not a best friend like I thought" Hannah said.
"I have to go Hannah" I said.

She hung up. I rolled my eyes. "Sorry" I said. "What was that about?" Liam asked. "I just lost a friend lets just say that" I said. Liam looked sad. "Why?" Louis asked. Liam slapped him. "Because I went to this without her. Mum said that me and Amanda can go. My parents aren't that rich" I said sighing. "Well if she won't understand its her fault" Liam said. I smiled a little. before it was time to leave. I gave everyone my address and we exchanged phone numbers. Niall ran off with Amanda. I laughed.

"Sarah" Harry said. I turned. "Yeah" I said. Harry walked closer. "You are very beautiful" Harry said. I smiled, "Thanks" I said. Harry smiled. "and you look cute being like me" Harry said. I blushed and looked away. Harry put his arm around my waist. Niall came back with Amanda. I grabbed her. "Tonight was fun" Amanda said. I nodded. Niall sighed Amanda's jacket. Harry signed mine. The boys signed my bag and Amanda's shoes.

When we got home. amanda couldn't stop smiling. We walked in. "How was it?" mum asked. "Mummy Niall likes me. he took me on the stage and everything. He wanted me" Amanda said. Mum smiled. "I see Harry got to you" Mum said looking at me. I nodded. "Yeah. They were very nice guys to oh and Hannah had a massive go at me so I don't think we are friends anymore" I said. mum looked upset. "Not your fault. Even if you said I could take another person I would have taken Amanda either way" I said. Mum nodded.

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