Harry Is A Spy (Action/ One Direction)

Sarah is a normal teenage girl. She is in love with the band One Direction. I mean who isn't. She is in love with the teen heart throb Harry Styles. Her room is covered in Harry posters. What happens when she finds out Harry is a spy? What happens when they both fall in love? Will Sarah be in danger? Read More and Find Out.


3. Harry Is A Spy



This chapter Sarah finds out Harry is a spy. Ooh. I wonder what happens. Hmmm.....


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The next day I woke up. I looked at my phone. 1 new message. I clicked onto it.

We will be over in 20 minutes
sent: 15 minutes ago.

Shit. I got out of bed and got dressed. I ran into Amanda's room. "Amanda wake up the boys will be over soon" I said. Amanda woke up. A knock on the door came. Amanda got out of bed. She ran to the front door. I walked down and opened it. I saw the boys. "Niall" Amanda said. I smiled and let them in. Niall ran and picked Amanda up. Amanda giggled. I showed the boys around.

When they got to my room. They smiled and patted Harry's back. Man it was embarrassing. It really was. I told Harry what they said. He was like no we hate screaming fans and that I was a fan who got embarrassed going on stage. I just looked at him. He laughed. We got into the hallway again and talked some more. Sasha walked down. "How was the concert. Oh wait gay because they are. They can't sing for shit. Screamo is better" Sasha said. I crossed my arms. So did the boys. Niall put Amanda down and crossed his arms. Amanda copied. "Dude who are the boys?" Sasha asked. "One Direction" Liam said through his teeth. Sasha smiled. "Hi guys" Sasha said a little shocked. 

She walked back up to her room. "Sorry about her" I said. "No problem" Liam said. I smiled. Amanda grabbed her teddy. "Niall meet Niall" Amanda said. Niall smiled and picked her up. I smiled. Patrick walked down. "Hey boys nice to meet you. If you hurt my sister you will pay. I don't like you but I care for my sisters. I am sorry about Sasha she's a goth and well they likes screamo, techno and all that" Patrick said. The boys nodded. Patrick smiled and walked off. "That was my younger brother Patrick. Sasha is the oldest, then me, then patrick then Amanda" I said.

The boys nodded and smiled. "Sarah" Amanda said. "Yeah" I said. Amanda smiled. "Can I hang out with Niall?" Amanda asked. "If it's okay with him" I said. Niall nodded. Harry's phone went off. He grabbed it and walked off. "Okay I will go get Amanda's jacket" I said. I walked up the stairs and the door to the study was shut. I heard Harry. "Yes I am free later on this afternoon.... No they don't know remember I can't tell them.... No it's fine I will be there.... Hey I am a spy and I love it.... Okay see you then bye" Harry said.

Shit. I hit in the closet. Please don't make him see me. Harry walked out. I watched him. Oh no. He walked up the closet and opened it. I went to scream. He covered my mouth and smiled. He let his hand go. "You heard me didn't you?" Harry asked. I shook my head. I didn't want him to know I did. Harry grabbed my arm and gently pushed me into the study. He locked the door and closed the curtains. "Did you hear me talking on the phone?" Harry asked again with a smirk on his face. Oh god he is going to kill me. Please don't kill me Harry. 

Harry's POV

After I finished talking to my boss. I walked out of the study. I saw Sarah's sock. I walked to the closet and opened it. She went to scream. I quickly covered my hand with her mouth and smiled a bit. I let go after a while. "You heard me didn't you?" I asked. Sarah shook her head. I grabbed her arm and gently pushed her into the study. Where I locked the door again and close the curtains. "Did you hear me talking on the phone?" I asked. Sarah was silent I am not going to kill her.

I smiled a bit. "Sarah please tell me the truth did you hear me on the phone?" I asked. Sarah nodded slowly. She looked at me. "I am not going to kill you. It's just no one can know. The boys don't know and you can't tell them. If they did find out they would be in danger" I said. Sarah looked sorry. "I didn't mean to Harry. I was getting a jacket for Amanda because she is hanging out with Niall. I heard you talking. I'm sorry" Sarah said. I smiled. "Sarah it's fine don't worry about it. You just have to be careful if some people like evil spies find out you know they will kidnap you or worse and I couldn't let that happen" I said. Sarah nodded. She hugged me. I smiled and put my arms around her.

We walked out. Sarah walked into Amanda's room and grabbed her jacket. She walked up to Amanda and gave it to her. Amanda kept holding her teddy. "Ready to go?" Niall asked. Amanda nodded. "Niall before you go please do not over feed Amanda like you did with your gold fish" Sarah said. All of us laughed. "No I won't. I would be me eating a lot. Don't know about Amanda. If she's fall she's fall. I will not make her sick. What time do you want her home?" Niall asked. "Anytime is fine. Just text me" Sarah said. Niall nodded.

Louis looked at me. "Harry are you leaving or staying?" Louis asked smiling. I knew what he was thinking. "Staying here mum is picking me up. Family dinner" I said. God I had lying to them I really do. Sarah looked at me. I looked at Harry. Louis walked out smiling. I rolled my eyes because of Louis. 2 minutes later a knock came at the door. 

Amanda's POV

A knock at the door came. I walked up and answered it. Hannah. "Look I am sorry about last night" Hannah said. I looked at her. Harry walked up. "Harry's here what about the others?" Hannah asked. "They just left" I said. Hannah looked mad. "And you didn't tell me" Hannah snapped. I rolled my eyes. "Hannah stop whining I took amanda because she is my sister and first choice. I didn't know I was getting the tickets. Okay you used to live across from Liam. Even when he was famous but you didn't say hi" I said.

Hannah stormed off. "Sorry about that" Harry said. I shook my head. "Not your fault" I said. Harry's phone beeped. "I have to go. See you soon" Harry said. I nodded. Harry kissed my cheek and left. I smiled and shut the door. 

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