jealous love

This girl named ally thinks she likes liam but is it with the wrong guy?


2. the kiss?

the next day went by . I woke up next to liam . he was asleep. so I went to make me briefest I saw niall and harry there in the kitchen. I said hey guy the both said hey. I was making French toast when I ask then did liam tell u the good news. niall said no what is it . I told them me and liam were going out.

harry pov:

when I heard that laim was dating ally I got so mad I threw my food on the ground an went to my room I ran into Louis on the way he said what wrong I told him liam is the problem! Iouis said oh why I said because he is dating ally an I whiperd to him an I love ally. Louis said aww you  would be a cute cupple . I know but liam got to her . I ran to my room crying. then I heard laim.

I saw liam and said hey honey he said hi love whats up I said nothing just watching nemo. he ask me wanna go to the park with us. naill , Louis , zyan, all agree to come I said ill go see if harry want to come. I went to his room and knock on the door he who is it I said ally. he opened the door and pushed onto the wall and kissed me . I tried to break through but he was to strong. he stopped and said sorry. I said its ok I kinda liked it . he said thanks , now what you wanna asked me of liam wants to know if u want to come to the park . he said sure. I left an I said harry in. naill sn I packed a picnic. an we went to the park me liam and zyan were on the swings, niall was eating, and harry and Louis were on the slides. we stayed there until it was 10:00 pm. I said I was tried so we went back home . we went to bed an I couldn't stop thinking about the kiss . I layed in bed think why harry kissed me and why I like it so much.

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