jealous love

This girl named ally thinks she likes liam but is it with the wrong guy?


1. the chance

Omg, today is the concert! Keep your phone for contact. I will mom. On the way to the concert I picked up my friend to come with me. When we got there I saw liam . after the concert I call my mom

mom : how was the concert

me: great

Mom : good are you coming home

me: yea mom

Mom: ok see ya later

me: k bye

before I left liam cam an said hi

laim pov:

 she so beautiful , when I ask here to stay with us for a while I hope she says yes. so I asked her she said sure now here my chance to make my move!

now I txt my mom saying Im going to be with one direction for  while . she says k . hey beautiful said harry . I blush thinking what I should say. finally I said I im ally benferd. harry says nice name I wanna know do u l__... in the middle of harry sentence liam  called me over. hey ally come to my room. so I did he said wanna go on a date?

my pov:

omg I cant belive liam ask to go an a date . I say of course I would! he said great pick u up at 7:30 I ok

so I went to my house put on a purple dress with black high heels . then I flat iron my brown curls . by the time I was done it was 7:00. I put mascra on and lip gloss. then I grab my cote an phone an waitd for liam .

liam came and pick me up . we went to a fancy restaurant and we had blue crab with whine. liam said to me " ally would u be my girl friend?" this was my chance so I said yes.. yes I will. this was the best chance ever!!!


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