My Night, My Love

This story is about a girl who went to a club with her friends, but had no intention of meeting Harry Styles there.


2. Wow, You're Pretty

"Need some help?!" You yell over the loud, blasting pop music. "Oh haha Yes please!" He shouts back. You make your way through he girls and yell, "He's with me! Move it!" The girls look astonished. They walk away rolling there eyes. "Thanks..." The boy smiles and looks down. "What's your name?" You ask him. "Uh, Harry. Harry Styles. Wow, you're pretty," he grins. "Oh haha... Thanks... My names-" "IZZY!!" Shandi is running towards you. She bends down and breathes heavily. "Oh uh Shandi this is Harry, Harry this is Shandi," you say to them, smiling. "Nice to meet you, IZZY WHERE WERE YOU? Someone was trying to get me to leave with them!!" She cries. A man starts to walk over, "SHANDI? Lets go!!" He yells. You walk up to him and get in his face, "Leave my friend alone you drunk!" This man, was DRUNK. Badly. "Out of my way b****!!" He pushes you against the bar. Glass breaks and it cuts your arm. You get up and the man is violently grabbing on to Shandis arm and screaming at her. You grab his arm and try to pry it off. He swings his arm hitting you in the face and you fall again. The broken glass gets in your hand. Harry comes and helps you up, his voice is very faint. "Izzy? Izzy can you hear me!?" He picks you up and sets you down again gently, you hear yelling and see Harry throw a punch, you get dizzy and everything goes black.
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