My Night, My Love

This story is about a girl who went to a club with her friends, but had no intention of meeting Harry Styles there.


3. Walking On Broken Glass

"Izzy? Izzy, wakeup love!" You feel a light shake on your arm, and you can hear everything, but all you see is black. You still hear the loud pop music, but it is faint sounding. "What happened here?" You listen, it sounds like the bartender. "A drunk came in and tried to take her friend, but Izzy tried to stop him and she got hurt..." Harry sounded upset. Your eyes open. "H-Harry? Is that you?" You moan. Harry bends down quickly, he puts the loose strands of hair behind your ear. "Oh my gosh, you're ok!" "Where- where- HOLY ----!!! WHERE'S SHANDI!!??" You stand up very quickly and feel lightheaded again. "Perhaps it would be better if you say down for a while..." "Did that drunk take her!?" You start to worry. "Don't worry love, she is in the bathroom cleaning up."
You look at Harry's face. His eyes were a sparkling green, and try made you feel warm inside. Then you noticed a purple bruise starting to form under his eye, and dry blood on the side of his lip and nose. "Oh no, Harry! Your eye! And your nose and mouth!" You reach up and gently touch his face. He closes his eyes, you can feel his breath on the tips of your fingers. "You- you're hurt," you whisper. "It's fine," he slightly smiles,"I did it for you." You blush, but don't smile. Shandi walks in front of you. "THANK THE LORD YOU ARE OK!" "W-what about you? Where that man?" "The police came and took him, but they also said you would wakeup in a few hours!" You look confused, "Wait, Harry? How long have we been here?"
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