My Night, My Love

This story is about a girl who went to a club with her friends, but had no intention of meeting Harry Styles there.


1. No Intention

"Izzy! Let's go!" Yells your friend, Shandi. "I don't want to go though" you complain putting on a short dress. "I thought you were tired of being single, there are going to be some hot guys there," she explains. It has been 4 months since you broke up with your boyfriend, Todd. He started seeing someone else which crushed you. You sigh. Shandi walks into the bathroom, she sees you putting on eyeliner,"Can I help?" She smiles. You and Shandi have been best friends for 19 years. You met in preschool. You have just turned 21 and she is taking you to a club for a late-birthday present. "Ok sure," you tell her. "Yay!" She grabs the eyeliner out of Your hand and you start to feel it go of your eye. "Shan, what are you-" "Trust me! You will look fierce! Reer!!" She smiles as she puts the eyeliner down. You look in the mirror and see you look like catwoman. "Shan, I look like a feline!" She frowns, "You look hot girlfriend!"
She drives you to the club, called "Endless Nights". Sounds promising... You think. You walk in with Shandi and see a big group of woman trying to get "touchy" with someone in the middle of the of the circle. You walk over and see a young man with curly locks trying to push the girls away from him. When he sees you, he stops pushing and smiles.
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