The Mix Up

(One Direction Fan Fic)
Savannah,Katie, and Erin were 3 normal softball playing girls in the big city of London. Katie and Savannah both attending Unis and Erin well school was never in her reach. One day when the girls go to Starbucks they bump into 2 very suspicous people. Will switching phones bring 2 very unlikely worlds together or will they all fix there mistakes and move on? ( Hey guys this one is for my 2 best friends ever Katie and Savannah you can follow us on twitter
Erin AKA ME - @Erin_natalie_
Savannah - @Vannabo0
Katie AKA Ginger - @_ihaveasoul_ I love you guys so much and thanks for reading i reall hope you like it please no hate)


4. Trade

  Erins Point of View 

My shift had just ended and i hung up my apron. "Bye Ross My shift is over" i yelled in the back. "Ok bye Erin" i started to walk towards the door then i remembered i forgot to buy my going home smoothie. "ROSS" I yelled, "I got your smoothie and dont worry i already paid for you" Ross  called running a smoothie to me. "Ross" i said taking my smoothie from him. "Yes" he replied. "I think i love you" I said totally serious. He looked at me with a straight face and said "Shut up, Drink you're smoothie and get out". We both started dying of laughter. "BYE ROSS" I yelled right in his face. "BYE ERIN I STILL DONT UNDERSTAND HOW WE HAVE COUSTMERS WHEN WERE ALWAYS YELLING". I scoffed at his comment and walked out into the pouring rain. Don't get me wrong i love the rain but it was raining cats and dogs out there. I got into my car and put the key in. I tried to flip it over but of course my car was out of gas. "AH FUCK THIS SHIT" I yelled. I needed to calm myself down so i sipped my smoothie and pulled out Niall's Phone. I called Louis just for the fact that he is the only one i've talked to.


L:Hello love are you almost here

E: Well i kind of need help

L: Whats wrong 

E: My car is kind of out of gas and im stuck at Starbucks, if you cant pick me up ill have Ross drive me

L: No No ill come and pick you up 



Ahh its too cold. I slowly start to hum to myself slowly turns into singing(This song is called Trouble By Never Shout Never and i changed the lyrics around because a girl is singing it) . "I'm In trouble i'm an addict i'm addicted to this boy he's got my heart tied in a not and my stomach in a whirl but even worse i cant stop calling him he's all i want and more i mean damn whats not to adore" I smiled to myself thinking about all of the times i have sang this song. " I've been playing to much guitar i've been listenin to Jazz i call so many times i swear He's is going mad and that cellular will be the death of us i swear i swear". Bright headlights came from behind my car. I saw a man step out but i didnt pay any attention to him. I pulled out Niall's Phone and checked the time 6:04. Louis should be here soon. As if on cue my passenger door opened. For some reason my brain kept telling me i was going to die. "Are you Erin" The man asked. "That depends are you Louis"  i replied sipping my smoothie. "Why yes i am", He pulled his hood down,"Where is your coat its pouring out and your sitting here in a tee shirt". i laughed at him "Well you see i didnt bring it because ONE i dont watch the weather and TWO it was sunny this morning". "Alright then well come on before paps find me" He smiled brightly. I nodded and we exited my car. "Umm Louis" i said looking around the parking lot. I couldnt see him anymore. "Louis if your hiding this isnt funny i'm getting soaked" i said getting annoyed. Someone grabbed my shoulders from behind and started pulling me "HOLY SHIT". I heard the person giggle "Louis what the hell you scared the shit outta me". i started laughing uncontrollaby "Okay can we go to your car now before Ross thinks i'm getting kidnapped" . Louis ran to his car me hot on his heels "YUP LEGGO".  I got in the car and sat in an akward slience. "Ok i hate silence so whats up" i said breaking the silence. I HATE SILENCES! "Well i kind of want to learn about you" i looked at him confused. "What do you want to know". He started thinking "Full name, Favorite color, Where your from, Hobbies,DO YOU LIKE CARROTS,, i dont know stuff like that". Now it was my turn to think "My full name is Erin Natalie Smith, My favorite colors are Lime Green And Black, Im originally from Connecticut Then i moved to Ireland for about 2 years and I moved to London when i was ten,umm Hobbies i sing, play softball, and im very energetic. AND YES I LIKE CARROTS" .  Louis nodded and turned on the Radio and Cant Stay Away by IM5 feat:Bella Thorne came on. "I LOVE THIS SONG AHH" I yelled turning up the volume. Then i started screaming the lyrics "IM HEADIN ON TRACK IM TURININ ON BACK CAUSE HONEY DONT KNOW SHE COMPLETE MY LIFE CAUSE I WASNT ALL IN IM DONE WITH THAT-" Then Louis turned off the radio. "Awe i was listening to that" i pouted. "Well were here so you can meet the boys" Louis said opening his door. I got out of the car the rain had lightned up a little and my clothes had mostly dried. I opened my door and ran after Louis who was already at the porch. "You ready they say im the craziest but i think its Harry" Louis said putting his hand on the door knob. "Yup its now or never". Louis opened the door "HONEY I'M HOME". I walked in after Louis and a naked Harry walked in. I screamed and Louis covered my eyes "HAROLD WE HAVE A GUEST NOW GO PUT CLOTHES ON" Louis shouted sassily. "Is it safe now" i asked Louis just chuckled and removed his hands from my eyes. The sudden change in light left me dazed for a moment. When my eyes finally adjusted i noticed there were 4 boys in front of me minus Harry who was making himself presentable."Hello Love i'm Liam"  Liam spoke. "Hi i'm Erin" i spoke softly i was alittle shy i was meeting my idols. "Okay that is not the Erin that was just screaming IM5 Lyrics in the car just a minute ago" Louis chuckled. "HI IM ERIN AND I LOVE IM5" I yelled, "Better" i asked. They nodded. "Hi Im Zayn" Zayn spoke up," Im Niall". I started laughing. "Whats so funny Niall asked. "Its just you guys are acting like i dont know your names" i replied. "Ohhhh" They all said simultaneously. "IM HARRY" Someone yelled behind me. Most of my friends have learned not to scare me to i spun around and punched him in the arm. "DAMN REMIND ME NEVER TO SCARE YOU" He yelled rubbing his arm. "Yeah dont" i said laughing, "Niall". "Yeah whats up" he said. "Wheres my phone" i asked. "Ohh yeah its right here" he said pulling it out of his pocket. "MY BABY" I yelled running to my phone, "Nah just kidding i gotta text Ross". Niall looks at me like im crazy "Erin wheres my phone" Niall askes folding his arms across his chest. "Here its in my pocket gimme a second" i reply jumping around. His phone was in my front pocket but of course my front pockets had to be the smallest and his phone had to be big. So i was basically jumping around like an idiot trying to get his phone out. "FINALLY" I yell pulling his phone out and handing it to him. We all sat down on the couch and i sat between Harry and Niall. Niall and i were going through our phones. "Niall i took a picture on your phone can you send it to me" i said looking up from my phone,"Yeah sure gimme a second" he said. "Wait dont you need my number" i asked. They all looked down sheepishly. "You guys took my number and put it in your phones didnt you" They all nodded. My phone started ringing and of course my ringtone was Moments. I excpected it to be Niall but it was Katie: WILL SMITH WHERE ARE YOU.    "SHIT" I yelled.All the boys looked at me like i was crazy. "Guys i gotta go my friends are going crazy because they cant find me" i said grabbing my shoes. "NOO Stay" Harry whined.  I gave him the look "Guys i dont want to go but what am i going to tell my friends" i sighed truly exasperated. "I HAVE AN IDEA" Zayn yelled. "DAMN Zayn thats the loudest i've ever heard you talk" i rubbed my ear. "Sorry well you keep talking about Ross so tell them your staying at Ross's" Zayn said a smirk spreading across his face. "ZAYN IS SMART I THOUGHT THAT WAS LIAM WELL HE DIDNT KNOW WHERE AGENITINA WAS SOO" I yelled. I texted Katie: Staying with Rossie Boy tonight :)     "ERIIIIIIINN" Niall called "NIAAAAALLLLL" I mimicked him. '' I just relized we know nothing about you" Niall smiled. "Oh yeah ill tell you exactly what i told Louis in the car". All of the boys nodded as if A signal to continue, " My full Name is Erin Natalie Smith, My Favorite Colors are Lime Green And Black, Im origanly from Connecticut, Then Moved to Ireland for about 2 years then moved to London when i was about 10, I Sing and play softball, and Yes i like Carrots" I said all in one breath. "You did a lot of moving why is that" Harry asked. "My dads job requried him to move all the time so was in Ireland when i was 8 till i was 10 and i've just lived in London ever since my parents moved back to the states though". My phone went off agian i got a text from Katie:Oh Okay gurll use protection you know how Ross is ;).      I started laughing unconrollably. Tear were forming in my eyes from laughing so hard. I think the boys thought i was crazy or something. "Erin why are you laughing" Liam asked concerned.  "" I managed to say inbetween laughs."OOO See that makes more sense now" Louis said looking at my phone. I finally calmed down and the boys were lost in there own convorsations so i sat there awkwao whrdly. My eyes drifted over to Niall who was in deep convorsation with Liam AWW NIAM. "I nudged Harry who was next to me "Harry wheres the Loo". He had to think about the directions which i found histerical. "Up the stairs turn left second door on the right". I thanked him and went upstairs now did he say left or right? Ah shit i was never good at remembering directions. I opened a random door and the room was pitch black. Just my luck right i get lost in One Directions House and now im in a random room. I found the door again quickly and ran out. I decided i was going to text Niall. They put there names in my phone so his name was SexyIrishMan;)

To SexyIrishMan;) Okay so i may or may not be lost in your house HELP EEP ITS DARK 

From SexyIrishMan;) Comming 

The Lights flipped on and then i saw the blonde messy hair. "We all thought you died or got lost" Niall Chuckled. "Niall can you show me to the loo" i asked putting on my best puppy dog face. "Follow me madam" He said in a cheesy french accent. I went in and did my buisness and walked out. Niall was there waiting for me he looked kind of zoned out. "Niall are yo-" i was interupted with lips meeting mine.

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