The Mix Up

(One Direction Fan Fic)
Savannah,Katie, and Erin were 3 normal softball playing girls in the big city of London. Katie and Savannah both attending Unis and Erin well school was never in her reach. One day when the girls go to Starbucks they bump into 2 very suspicous people. Will switching phones bring 2 very unlikely worlds together or will they all fix there mistakes and move on? ( Hey guys this one is for my 2 best friends ever Katie and Savannah you can follow us on twitter
Erin AKA ME - @Erin_natalie_
Savannah - @Vannabo0
Katie AKA Ginger - @_ihaveasoul_ I love you guys so much and thanks for reading i reall hope you like it please no hate)


7. Sickness

Erin's Point Of View

"Okay guys we have to leave Erin gets really  lightheaded when she's sick so watch her when she walks so please watch her and she gets head aches DAMN I FEEL LIKE I MOTHER" I heard a Katie Call from downstairs.Oh my god i feel like shit i hate being sick. I can barley stand up without falling. People think i"m high or drunk when i"m sick. "BYE GET OUT" I Heard someone yell. "Louis shut the fuck up do you want Erin to wake up and be miserable" someone scolded. I got out of bed and picked up the garbage can i use when i'm sick. I held the garbage can close to my stomach and walked down the stairs. "Erin why do you have that" Someone asked me. I looked up to see Liam standing there looking questionably at me. "Because i cant carry a toilet around" i answered plainly. He chuckled and walked away. I walked into the living room and sat down not really paying attention just zoning out. "Love are you okay" Zayn asked i didn't even notice that he was standing right in front of me. "Yeah",I lied,"Why do you ask". He qwirked an eyebrow up at me "You have been staring at the wall for about 5 minutes". "Oh" i replied not wanting to start a convorsation at the moment. "Princess why are you out of bed" Niall came in from the kitchen. "I got bored" i replied blankly. "You're supposed to be in bed i don't want you getting worse" He said worriedly. I stood up even though the room was starting to spin "Niall i'm fine please don't wor-". I was cut off by falling over. Damn Katie was right, well they are always here when i'm sick. I was waiting to feel the pain but it never came. Instead i felt to arms wrapped around me and lay me on the couch. I opened my eyes to see Niall "You're fine?". I rolled my eyes and just laied couch. Liam and Louis walked in the room and looked at me with pity. I fucking hate pity from people. "Can you not look at me like that" i said. Confusion flashed though there features "What are you talking about" Louis questioned. "Pity eyes landing on me i'm sick not dying" i coughed. "Sorry you just look really sick and all the color from your face you look really pale" Liam apoligized. "Whatever just no pity eyes" i sighed, They nodded. The room was still spinning and the lads where in my kitchen. I felt a wave of nausea hit me. Fuck i thought and grabbed my bucket. I'm going to spare my brain the details of what happend but it was't pretty.The lads rushed into the room. "Awe princess are you okay" Niall asked plopping himself down next to me. I could have a whole argument with him about how i'm not a princess but i'm to tired and and lightheaded right now. "I'm just dandy at the moment i couldnt get any better" I replied sarcasm dripping from every word. "Niall can you do me a favor" i asked. "Sure anything" he answerd . "Can you get me my phone" i asked pulling my best puppy dog face. "Sure" He ran up the stairs. Niall is to cute i love him. WAIT WHAT I I JUST SAY! Niall and i haven't even gone on our first date yet, i can't love him. Even if i did love him i highly doubt that he loves me back. I mean he is a big popstar and i'm just a girl who grew up in small towns moving everywhere just when i got comfortable. Niall dosn't love me, he could have any girl he wants why me. I finally pulled myself back into reality to find 4 pairs of eyes trained on me. "What do i have something on my face" i asked rubbing my face. "No No its just that you just voiced your thoughts without noticing" Liam said. I instantly felt my face pale. I didn't even think that was possible but i happend. "Shit" i mummbled hopeing no one would hear me. "How much did you hear" i asked, i hope they only heard the beginging. " You started talking out loud when you said even if i did love him i highly doubt he loves me back" Harry said playing with his thumbs. "Oh" was all i could say before Niall came down with my phone. "Thanks" i said quietly almost as if to myself. My phone vibrated I got a text from Louis

From BooBear: We will talk later

To BooBear: No Thanks i'm good without talking :P

From BooBear: Were talking later weather you like it or not

To BooBear: Fine (Sighs)

I looked over at Louis who had a trimuphant grin on his face. I just shook my head. I decided that i needed Ross to bring me my usual for when i'm sick so i texted him.

To RossieBoy:Hey Ross i'm sick again care to bring me the usual

From RossieBoy: That sucks ill be over in 10 with Supernatural seaons and your smoothie

To RossieBoy: Thanks dude your the best 

I stood up and walked into the kitchen. I took the Saltine crackers and ginger ale and walked back to the couch. I did a little victory fist pump because i did it without falling. I looked around the living room and the boys were no where to be found i guess they were upstairs or something. I heard a knock at the door. "I GOT IT BOYS" I yelled and walked over to the door. I opened the door to see a smiley Ross holding my smoothie in one hand Supernatural in the other. "My smoothie is here" I yelled and grabbed it. Ross acted hurt "Oh only acknoldge the smoothie i see how it is". I hugged him "And my best friend is here" I said, He looked satisfied and walked in. We sat on the couch as my head ache was forming. "Ross did you bring the-" i was cut off as a bottle landed in my lap. "Asprin of course i did what are best friends for" he winked. "Ross you are truly amazing." i said as he put in season 3. There was a silence but only because i was watching my favorite show right next to Criminal minds and NCIS. "Erin you didn't tell me someone came over" Louis said running down the stairs. "SHHH" Ross and i said at the same time. "WELL THEN" Louis yelled then stormed off. I heard wispering behind me but ignored it. I looked over at Ross but he seemed to zoned in the show to notice it. I slowly started to feel better and my sickness melt away YAY. I zoned my mind back into the show. Dean was making the deal at the cross roads for Sam to be alive. I threw salitines at the Tv while Ross booed. "Dean dont you dare make that deal you now how you felt when your father died for you how is Sam going to feel ya hipacret" . I heard snickering from behind me. OH HELL NO, if you laugh at my opinons i blow up in your face. It makes me feel stupid. I whipped my head around to see Harry. "You did not just laugh at me" i growled. He slowly nodded as if thinking what to say next. He opened his mouth to speak but he could form no words. "Thought so" I turned back around to see Bobby yelling at Dean for making the deal. "YEAH BOBBY YOU PUT HIM IN HIS PLACE" I screamed. "Erin why are you yelling and hey who is this" An irish accent rang through my ears. I paused supernatural to see 5 boys standing behind me. "Awe Eir Bear why did ya pause it" Ross whined. My phone buzzed and i held up my finger signaling everyone to wait. Of course Katie texted me

From Katie The Ginger: Hey Uni is as boring as Wonk whats going on at home :)

To Katie The Ginger: Crisis ill text you in 10

"Boys this is Ross, Ross this is One Direction" I said trying to hide the nervousness in my voice. "Ahhh so this is the band your always talking about and singing to during work" Ross said as if a moment of revelation has fallen apon him. I smacked the back of his head "ROSSIE BOY NO SECRETS SHALL BE TOLD ABOUT ME" I yelled while glaring at him. "So your the Ross she wont shut up about" Harry snickerd. I smacked Harry too. "WHAT DID I JUST SAY HAROLD". He put his hands up in defense and backed away. "The one and only" Ross replied, "So which one of you asked her out". I shot him a death glare before Niall raised his hand. Ross motioned him to come over so of course he did, Then he motioned me over. "Ross this is Niall" i said introducing him. "Hey im Ross now listen you remember what Anthony said to me before he left don't you". I nodded Anthony was like my over protective older brother. Well he is Savannah's older brother but he acted like it for both of us. When he left he told my best friend Ross to hurt anyone who hurt me. So Ross basically took over the older brother position. "Niall if you break her heart on her older brother's orders i must break your face so treat her well mate" Ross said in a tone that even scared me. Niall nodded " I won't treat her any less than a princess". I smiled and sat back down on the couch. Today has been an eventfull day. "Erin i think i'm going to head home now" Ross said grabbing his shoes. "MKAY BYE ROSSIE BOY ILL MISS YOU SEE YOU AT WORK TOMORROW" I yelled. I heard my front door open and slam shut. "AWE SHIT" I yelled. "Whats wrong love" Niall asked. "My supernatural buddie just left" i sighed. " I'll watch with you" Niall said jumping on the couch. "Okay" i replied un-pausing my show. I yawned i was getting kind of tired. "Tired love" Niall asked and i nodded. Niall patted his lap and of course i layed my head down. He twisted my hair on his finger as i fell into a sleep that consisted of a night-terror.




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