The Mix Up

(One Direction Fan Fic)
Savannah,Katie, and Erin were 3 normal softball playing girls in the big city of London. Katie and Savannah both attending Unis and Erin well school was never in her reach. One day when the girls go to Starbucks they bump into 2 very suspicous people. Will switching phones bring 2 very unlikely worlds together or will they all fix there mistakes and move on? ( Hey guys this one is for my 2 best friends ever Katie and Savannah you can follow us on twitter
Erin AKA ME - @Erin_natalie_
Savannah - @Vannabo0
Katie AKA Ginger - @_ihaveasoul_ I love you guys so much and thanks for reading i reall hope you like it please no hate)


6. Morning

Katie's Point Of View 

I woke up to beeping, "What the fluffy shermans is going on" I mummbled still half asleep. I heard the door open but payed no attention. "Hey love how do you turn off you smoke detectors?" A soft voice asked. "Umm i think there should be a red button on it and you hold it for like 10 seconds" I replied not even bothering to open my eyes."Thanks and nice posters you've got quite a collection i see" the voice chuckled. I instantly popped up and my eyes opened to see a pleased Liam leave my room. "Fudge" i groaned and rolled out of bed. I checked the time it read 9:01 AM. Why the bloody hell am i up at 9:01 in the morning. Oh yeah Liam had the nerve to wake me up ugh. I walked downstairs to see Louis on top of the counter and Harry and Liam spotting him. They looked like a cheerleader formation. The beeping finally stopped. "Thank god" i muttred under my breath hopeing that no one had heard me. "What was that" Louis said Sassily snapping his fingers in a "Z" formation. "Nothing carrot queen go sit on thy royal throne" i said olden talk. Louis strutted out into the den like he was wearing 6 inch stiletto heels. I walked over to the fridge and grabbed the milk. The cereal was already on the counter. I poured the cereal into my special bowl the milk closely following. My special bowl is neon yellow and i absolutely adore it. I pulled a spoon out of the drawer and of couse Liam screamed. "Shut the hell up do you want to wake the whole house" Harry said. "Guys" I said to no one in particular. "Yeah" Louis replied looking up from his phone muching on what i believe to be a carrot. "Why were the smoke detectors going off this morning" i asked still very confused on the events of this morning. Harry looked down as if the floor had become very interesting to him. "Well HAROLD here decided he wanted to make pancakes i mean dont get me wrong he is a good cook but when this lad starts to day dream about Savannah and forgets to flip the pancakes things go wrong fast" Louis said. "You fancy here dont ya" i said nudging is side. "Ok yes I, Harry Edward Styles fancy Savannah Kaylin Hernandez" he says in a offical tone. We all aw until we see Savannah coming down the stairs. " I think Erin is sick she says plopping herself down on the couch."Why would you think that i asked glancing over at Harry to see his focas is fully on her.  Ok i now have a misson Erin and i are going to get them together i thought to myself.It wouldnt be a surprise if she was sick it happens all the time. "Well i hear vomiting and crying coming from Erin and some comfort comming from Niall" She responded glancing at Harry once then focusing on me. "Guess we wont be going to school today" i sighed. Louis shook his head "Nope we will take care of her now go get ready for Uni you do know its 10:30 right and i wont be taking No for an answer so hurry up". Savannah and i exchanged glances as if remembering the times when Erin was sick. "Are you sure" i asked knowing how depressing it is to look at her when she is sick. Its like a kicking a puppy and watching it cry. "Absolutely positive now go" And with that Louis shuffled us up the stairs to get ready.

A/N: Sorry it is so short but i promise a chapter is comming soon and thanks for all of the reads and support it really means alot Thanks guys ~ erin_lovez_Niall

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