The Mix Up

(One Direction Fan Fic)
Savannah,Katie, and Erin were 3 normal softball playing girls in the big city of London. Katie and Savannah both attending Unis and Erin well school was never in her reach. One day when the girls go to Starbucks they bump into 2 very suspicous people. Will switching phones bring 2 very unlikely worlds together or will they all fix there mistakes and move on? ( Hey guys this one is for my 2 best friends ever Katie and Savannah you can follow us on twitter
Erin AKA ME - @Erin_natalie_
Savannah - @Vannabo0
Katie AKA Ginger - @_ihaveasoul_ I love you guys so much and thanks for reading i reall hope you like it please no hate)


5. Meet The Girls

Erin's Point Of View

Wait what is happening? Niall Horan cannot be kissing me right now.  All my brain kept telling me was Erin Pull away what are you doing. But my heart was screaming Stay you know you want to. I pulled away looking into his blue eyes unsure if that really happend. "Erin im so sorry that shouldnt have happend i just met you and i probably just ruined my chances but Erin, will you go on a date with me tomorrow". I was stunned, why would Niall Horan want to go on a date with me? i was just a normal girl origonaly from a small town in Connecticut. When i was brought back into reality i reilized i still hadn't given him an answer. "Niall i would love to go on a date with you, but now you do know we HAVE to tell my friends i know you right". Niall smiled the brightest i have ever seen him smile even in pictures. He gave me one of his famous "Horan Hugs" ."I think i can deal with your friends though love" Niall mummbled into my hair. "Yeah maybe you can its just your mates that worry me" i laughed. He nodded and held my hand interwining our fingers. I held up my finger as in a wait signal. "Im going to act really angry ok stay here" I whispred to him he nodded. I walked down stairs "OKAY so which one of you told Niall to ask me out" I yelled startilling 4 boys. They all glanced at each other before Liam spoke up. "I did it" He replied softly. I ran up to him and hugged him "Oh shiz of a second i thought i was in trouble" Liam said hugging me back. "Thanks Liam your my new favorite" I said before releasing the hug. Niall started to desend down the stairs "I thought the Leprechaun was your favorite" he said faking being hurt. "Awe now i cant have a favorite" i said putting my finger on my chin thinking. "wanna do somthing fun" i asked no one in particular. They all nodded "Oh and Lou, Wheres my car" this question was directed at him. "I called Paul and he filled your car with gas i think its in the drive".I smiled really big,"Whats with that smile" Niall asked me. "Well remember how i called my phone my baby", i asked and they nodded, "Well i lied its my car" i said grabbing my keys from my pocket and opening the front door. "Now were not all going to be able to fit in my car so the first 4 people done can come in my car or 3 whatever you guys want to do" I yelled walking out the door and into my car. I plugged my phone in and put Ed Sheeran on shuffle. Wake me Up came on first. I rolled down my window just to let some fresh air in and Niall came running out the door. "When we were in the house we decided that Harry and Louis will take the other car to it will be Me, You,Zayn,And Liam in your  car. I nodded not really paying attention. Zayn came out to my car and got in the back "Vas Happenin" He said sliding into the car. "Nothin Much Vas Happenin with you" I replied. We both laughed. Liam got in the car texting. "Harry and Louis are going to follow us so they will honk when there ready for you to go" I nodded. As if on cue the car next to me honked.


We got to my house and i was really nervous for the girls to meet them. I mean we are Directioners.  Everyone got out of the car and followed me. "The Girls are probably upstairs in there rooms they have uni tomorrow" I stated to everyone. I unlocked the door and as i expected the room was vacaint. I told the boys to sit on the couch they did as i said. "GIRLS IM HOME AND I HAVE A SURPRISE HURRY UP OR I WILL BURN THE DOLLS" I yelled through the house. Two girls came running down the stairs "You wouldnt dare burn the One Direction dolls" Savannah growled. "Yes i would and you guys are going to love me when you see who i met today and am now best friends with" i smiled. "Unless you met One Direction i dont care" Katie stated tiredly. "Then you care go look on the couch" the girls faces grew excited when they walked over to the couch to see all of One Direction attempting to fit onto our small couch. "Lads you know there is another couch right" I pointed over to the couch 2 feet away from them. The girls started giggling uncontrolably. "Well boys this is Savannah and Katie" I said pointing at them as i said there names. "Erin you said you had mates you didnt say they were this beautiful" Harry said looking at Savannah. " I agree with Harry on this one" Liam said his eyes never leaving Katie. "So Erin did you and Niall get together or did he fight with Josh Huchterson" Savannah Joked. Niall Qwirked an Eyebrow at me "She dreams about me". "OH MY GOD SHE HAD ONE THIS MORNING" Katie yelled. I felt the blush creep up to my cheeks. "GUYS SHE IS BLUSHING ITS SO TRUE" Harry yelled. Thanks a lot Harry i thought to myself. I Just sat on the couch not really paying attenition to the convorsation only adding a "yeah" or a nod to it. I looked over at the clock to see that it was 1 in the morning. I wonder if Ross is awake because i dont have my schedule and he knows mine. Don't ask me why he knows it he just does

To RossieBoy: Hey am i working tomorrow well today

From RossieBoy No your not working until Wednesday 

To RossieBoy Kay Thanks now go back to sleep 

From RossieBoy No problem Night Eir Bear 

"Girls dont you have uni tomorrow" I said gesturing to the clock. "Oh shit we do Night boys" Savannah called running up the stairs. "Night Boys" Katie said, "Night Ging" I called as she walked up the stairs. The boys were now crowded around the Telly watching some movie. I was laying on the couch my head on Niall's Chest. I was trying to keep myself awake because when you fall asleep in a house with One Direction in it you dont know what could happen. "Love go to sleep i wont let the lads prank you" Niall Murmmred. I nodded and Niall started to play with my hair. Its like he nows what calms me down. I slowly nodded off thinking about how perfect this day has been. 


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