The Mix Up

(One Direction Fan Fic)
Savannah,Katie, and Erin were 3 normal softball playing girls in the big city of London. Katie and Savannah both attending Unis and Erin well school was never in her reach. One day when the girls go to Starbucks they bump into 2 very suspicous people. Will switching phones bring 2 very unlikely worlds together or will they all fix there mistakes and move on? ( Hey guys this one is for my 2 best friends ever Katie and Savannah you can follow us on twitter
Erin AKA ME - @Erin_natalie_
Savannah - @Vannabo0
Katie AKA Ginger - @_ihaveasoul_ I love you guys so much and thanks for reading i reall hope you like it please no hate)


11. Hospital? Part 2

Erins Point Of View 

My ankle feels like there is a big weight on it. The pain has never been this bad. I'm surprised Katie hasn't just made the boys take me too the hospital already. Louis started apoligising but i stopped him,"Louis Im fine i promise" i said tears brimming as i quickly blinked them away before anyone noticed.Niall started talking but i zoneded out. Liam smacked Niall and i cringed becuase everyones focus was fully on me. "Soo the big question is ....Hospital?" Zayn asked. I bit my lip thinking about my options. A huge wave of pain shot up my leg and i bit my lip really hard. The cold metallic flavor came into my mouth. Niall saw the blood and came over to me. "Babe let go please,for me" Niall pleaded. I released it but still didnt talk."Babe" Niall said as my eyes flicked up at him. "Hospital" he asked. I thought for a moment It could just be nothing It might just pass in 20 minutes.My eyes flicked over to the clock, Lou knocked me out of bed around 5 and its now 5:45. Yeah there is definatly something wrong here, I thought. I looked at Niall and nodded. Everyone started running around after that. Louis,Liam,And Harry went to go get the car. Zayn and Katie ran up to my room to get clothes and stuff for me to do at the hospital. Niall well, Niall just kind of stayed with me which i was happy about. The car was outfront but Katie and Zayn werent done with the clothes. The pain was getting unbearable and tears were just pouring out of my eyes.Niall was getting more and more impaitient. "Were leaving,Now i just cant" Niall yelled picking me up. He put me in the car and layed me down with my head on his lap. They started the car and we drove downtown. 

* (At The Hospital)

I was brought into the room imediatly because of my outstanding ankle condition.  Let me explain this now. Ever since i was little i would have these ankle pains. Then after a couple of doctors vists i was told my ankle has this injury where it was slid in and out of place which sucks because all the time i have to where my ankle brace for sports. The doctor walked out of the room after taking the x-rays to go talk to the crew i had waiting in the waiting room. The doctor walked back in like 10 minutes later. His coat read Dr.Dalton. "Well Ms.Smith your x-rays show that when you fell your ankle bone was pushed farther then your condition pushes it so it had no where to move but down as you can see by the very slight swelling in your foot" Dr.Dalton said pointing to my foot. I nodded signaling to continue,"Before we can do anything we have to pop your ankle bone back up and into place" He finished. I felt my face instantly pale. I had to pop 2 of my fingers back into place one time and the pain was brutal. "Can i have people in here for that" i asked sounding hopeful. "You may have 2 people with you who would these people be" He asked. I thought for a minute "Niall and Louis please" i said. I asked for them because Niall really wants to see me  and Louis can distract me while its happening. The 2 boys rushed in. Niall ran over and hugged me. "Ah princess i'm so happy you're not in pain anymore" he said over joyed and i shifted a little uncomfotable with what i have to tell him. "Erin what's wrong" Louis asked walking over to me and Niall. "Well um the reason the doctor called you 2 in here is because well i have to get my ankle bone popped back in" i said staring down. They gasped and Nialls head tipped down. "So now ive put you in even more pain great" Louis said sarcastlcally. "All i need is you",I pointed to Louis,"to distract me and you",I pointed to Niall,"To hold my hand because its going to hurt like a bitch". They both nodded and Niall hand tightened  around mine. The doctor walked back in and looked back at me and i nodded. He pulled up a chair and sat down next to me.I felt his cold hands go onto my ankle and move. "Erin.....Erin look at me" Louis said. I didn't want to but i looked at him anyway,he was holding up his phone to show a picture. The picture was Niall and i sleeping this afternoon, his arms wrapped around my waist. I stared at the picture for a minute then looked up at Louis and Niall's faces in complete shock. I was confused i looked down and the doctor was walking out of the room. "Did i just", I was cut off by both of the boys,"Yup"."Well when are we leaving" i asked hopefully. "They have to get your leg thing then we can leave" Niall Said still holding my hand. "Yay" i said. Then i relized something me staring at that picture of Niall and I. I felt no pain in my ankle at all.The doctor came back in with this black cast that you put on your leg and it goes up your calf. Niall helped me slip it on as i signed my release papers. Now lets go home and get out of this hospital. Hospitals creep me out so much.




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