Life In the Friend Zone

Alexa was just a girl who fell in love with a boy. One problem though, he didn't share the same feelings.


4. People These Days

     The familiar musky sent of Hollister could be smelt from a mile away. I used to love the smell until I started to work there and had to smell it every time I went in. Eleanor had quit after her and Louis became official which I completely understood. "Hey Lex,"  my coworker Nikki smiled. "Hey," I said after taking a sip of coffee. I never was a coffee person until I got a job. "You're working the door," she smiled. "Great," I fake smiled. "Contain your excitement please," she laughed. I smiled as I put my stuff in the back room. When I came out, I stood at my post: in front of the jean rack. The manager walked by with the keys to open the store. Teenage girls mobbed in. "I heard that Eleanor works here," I heard one tell her friend. I would hear this about ten times a day. "Hey guys! What's up?" I smiled. "Does Eleanor Calder work here?" a girl asked. "Um. I don't think I can tell you past and present employees," I said. She nodded her head then look around the store. "Oh my god!" I heard a girl yell. "It's Niall Horan's girlfriend!" she cried. My head snapped to where I heard the voice. "Woahh!" I said. "You're so much prettier in person," she blurted out. "Umm thank you. But Niall and I are just friends." "But you two are so cute together!" "Trust me, I know," I wanted to say so badly. "Well we're just friends," I smiled. It looked like she was about to say something else when her friend pulled her away to show her an adorable jacket. Ugh. Maybe going to mini golf wasn't the best idea.

*Niall's P.O.V.*

     "Niall and Alexa sittin' in a tree," Liam jokingly sang. I just rolled my eyes as he continued. "Liam calm down. Nothing's official yet," Louis chimed in. "He wishes though," Zayn snickered. I gave Zayn a death glare.  "Calm down mate, we're only kidding," Liam said, noting that I was getting angry. "Well it's so funny that I forgot to laugh," I sarcastically said. It was silent after that other than the hum of the TV. I heard my phone ring from on the coffee table. Alexa's picture was on the screen. I picked it up quickly before the boys would notice. "Hello?" I answered in a hushed voice as I left the room. "So apparently, we're dating now," Alexa said. If you haven't noticed, Lex doesn't have a filter. So whatever is on her mind, she'll tell you. "Well it's nice to know about the relationships that I don't know about," I joked. "Awee he's on the phone with his girlfriend!" I heard Louis shout. "They know about it too," I heard her groan. "Yeah," I agreed. I didn't want her to know that I liked her because I thought she liked me as a friend. Maybe even a brother, but nothing more. "Well my life is going in a great direction," she sighed. "Yeah, One Direction," I laughed, reLexzing how stupid it was after I said it. "You're hysterical," she replied flatly. "Why thank you," I proudly said. "Alright I have to go back to seeing more fangirls," she sighed. "I'll call you when I get home." "Byee," I said before hanging up. 

*Lex's P.O.V.*

     "I hate people!" I groaned as I flopped on the couch. "Don't we all," Eleanor muttered in agreement. "Everyone thinks that Niall and I are dating and it's getting sooo annoying." "I bet."  It was silent as I thought about things. There was a knock on the door. Eleanor got up to answer it. "BooBear!" she cheered. Great. I heard their footsteps come closer. "Hey Alexa," he smiled. "Hey," I muttered. "Aweee what's wrong?" he asked. "Work," I sighed. Lou sat down next to me and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. "Don't worry kiddo, it'll all get better," he smiled. "Ehh," I shrugged. "I know what would make you feel better, he evilly smirked. "Really now?" I questioned with a raised eyebrow. "Mhm." "And what would that be?" "Niall," he laughed. Yeah, Eleanor thought it was genius to tell Louis that I liked his bandmate. "How did you know," I replied with sarcasm. "I just get that vibe," he smiled. I rolled my eyes then looked at my phone. I had told Ni that I would call him when I got home. I picked up my phone and sent Niall a text, telling him that I would call him later. "So when are you losers leaving?" I asked Lou as I put my phone back. "Tomorrow." "So soon?" I frowned. "Yeah, we have to get ready for the tour." I nodded as I turned my attention to the TV because I had heard my name. 

     Lou stayed for dinner. "Well I wish you could stay longer," I told him as I gave him a hug. "And I wish you and Niall would get together," he chuckled. "You know he doesn't like me back like that," I sighed as I pulled away. I could see that he was hiding something. "Lou," I said. "Lex," he smiled. "What aren't you telling me?" "How pretty you look," he lied. "The truth Tommo." He sighed and looked at Eleanor, as if asking her if he could tell me. "Come on guys," I whined. They exchanged one more look before he looked me in the eyes. "You have to promise you won't flip out if I tell you," he said seriously. "I promise," I said, dying to hear what the secret was. "Niall......Likes you back." 

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