Life In the Friend Zone

Alexa was just a girl who fell in love with a boy. One problem though, he didn't share the same feelings.


5. A Pet Fish Seems Logical

     "You're funny Lou," I laughed as I pushed his shoulder. "Lex, he's not kidding," Eleanor said. "Oh bull. You just wanted to pull a prank on me but I out smarted you. Just admit it." I had one of my friends back home do this to me and of course I was stupid enough to believe it. "Whatever," Lou said. "I'll call you later," he said to El, giving her a kiss on the cheek. When he left, Eleanor gave me the death glare. "What?" I asked. "He was telling the truth I hope you know," she huffed. "Eleanor, I've had this happen to me before." "And what makes you think that he would do that do you?" she stated, her voice raising. "I guess not," I whispered. She pushed past me to go to her bedroom. I sighed as I pulled out my phone. I stared at it for a while. Eleanor wasn't going to talk to me so I needed someone else to vent my feelings to. I scrolled through my contacts then threw my phone on the couch, knowing that nobody would understand me. I needed to get out of here. I just laid on the couch. My eyes grew heavy the longer I laid there. 

     I was awoken by my alarm going off at 6. I stretched as I sat up. I walked to the bedroom to get my outfit of the day: sweatpants, Nike t-shirt, and a pair of Uggs. I went to the bathroom to get my headband and to put it in a top knot. El came in and brushed her teeth. "You look nice," she said kindly. "Thanks," I smiled. "I'm sorry about yesterday." El looked a little taken back by the apology. "It's alright. I guess I know where you're coming from," she smiled. I smiled back as I walked out. "I'm gonna go get some food!" I yelled as I grabbed my bookbag. "See you later," El yelled back. 

     I texted my Mum to see how she was doing when I heard someone call my name. I lifted my head to see Jeremy walking over to me with a smile. I rolled my eyes, acting like I was texting. "Come on, please talk to me," he pleaded. "You're the one who ended things," I spat. "That was before I realized how great of a girl you were," he smiled. The clerk called my name and I practically sprinted to get my food. "Lex please let me explain." Jeremy pleaded as I walked. My nice side got the better half of me. "Fine, let's 'talk," I spat. "Make it quick because I have class soon." "Well we can walk and talk can't we?" I sighed and nodded.  "So are you seeing anyone?" he awkwardly asked as we walked. "Nope. You?" "I've been too busy thinking you," he weakly smiled. "Corny," I thought. "So there's nothing going on between you and Niall?" "Nope. We're just really good friends." "So if we do get back together he won't have a problem with it?" "Woah! How said anything about getting back together?" "Well I thought you missed me as much as I missed you," he pouted. "To be honest, I'm doing a hell of a lot better without you." I saw anger flash in his eyes. Thankfully, my phone started to ring. "Hey Niall,' I said into the phone. "Hey Alexa," he replied the same way. "What's up?" I asked as I walked into the building, leaving Jeremy watching me from outside. "Ehh. I just wanted to call you to say that we're leaving," he spoke. "Awee. I wish you could stay longer," I whined. "I know babe," he sighed. I felt my heart flutter at the fact he called me babe. "Tell her," I heard one of the boys whisper. "I have a feeling that you're supposed to tell me something," I said before entering my class. "You know, I'll tell you later. You have to get to class young lady."  I rolled my eyes and giggled. "Alright. I'll call you later."  

     I sat in my seat and got my stuff ready. About 20 minutes into class, I started to doodle on my notebook. "Alexa!" the professor yelled. I shyly looked up. "Since you seem so into the notes, what are the four basic psychological functions?" It seemed like everything I had learned in my whole life had left my brain. I heard a pen hitting paper so I looked to see that the answer was written on the paper. "Um. Extroversion vs. Introversion, Sensation vs. Intuition, Thinking vs. Feeling, and Judging vs. Perceiving," I answered. "Good," he nodded. I looked over and mouthed thank you to the girl sitting next to me. She just nodded and went back to paying attention to the lesson. I started to pay attention which lasted until the end of class. On my way back to the flat, I called Niall to see what he had to tell me but the phone went straight to voicemail. "Hey Ni it's me," I said after the tone. "Um. Call me back whenever you get this if it's not too late. Talk to you later," I sighed as I hung up. The whole way back, Louis' confession kept nagging me. What if what he had to tell me was that he liked me. No stop. It was probably something stupid like.....he got a pet fish. That seems logical. Oh who am I kidding? Why would he got a pet fish? What if Louis isn't lying: Niall Horan has a crush on me....

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