Speak Now

A story of silence, secrets, love and passion.

When I was born I was an "accident". That's what my parents always said. They were never around for me. I see all the other parents who hug their daughters. I don't think I can do this anymore....Help


4. Good Morning

Beca's POV

A knock at the door stopped my questions and thoughts. I then went down stairs with Jake and he opened the door.  A blonde haired girl stood there. I looked at Jake shocked.

"Hey babe." She said then frowning when she looked at me.

"Jake. Whats going on?" I asked angery.

"Beca don't worry this is just my ex Brittany." He said then slaming the door in her face and locking it. He then put the chain on.

"Well then!" Brittany shouted and went back to her car.

"Don't worry Beca. Im all yours and your all mine." He said smiling and bringing me close in for a hug. His bare chest was warm against his large shirt I wore. I then went upstairs and changed.

My phone then beeped.

Stay out of my school Bitch.

It read. I then slid on my pants and a blouse when I got another text.


Jake then walked in as I quickly closed me phone and slid in into my back pocket. Jake knew something was up but then slid a white shirt matching his blue shorts.

"You ready for tomorrow?" He asked walking to face me

I nodded not wanting to speak about the text messages. He then pulled me into a large bear hug and grabbed my phone from my back pocket.

"Jake. Give it back." I said as he pulled away and clicking on messages. "Jake." I said just as he read the messages.

"Here." He said handing it to me and going downstairs.

"Jake!" I shouted following him into the kitchen.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked getting his backpack off the chair.

"Becuase I didn't want to bring you into this!" I cried staring at Jake. "Where are you going?" I asked as he slid his backpack on.

"School." was all he said as he went out the front door leaving me there.

I then sat on the stool and grabbed a green apple from the bowl.

Why doesn't Jake understand? He can't protect me from everything!

I then sat down at the couch and turned on the tv. I then drifted off to sleep.

"Beca." I heard "Beac." I heard again as I opened my eyes. Jake

"Im sorry!" i apligized wrapping my arms around his neck.

"Me too." He said bringing me close. Jake then picked me up and carried me upstairs. We both got under the covers and tangled our legs together. We both then fell asleep.


"Beca time for school." Jake said wakeing me up by kissing me softly.

"Mmmmm." I whined. It was to early but I had to go.

"Come on. You have to go back sometime." He said getting up.

"I knowww." I whined again sitting up.

"Go ahead and get changed and ill go get some tea." He notified me cloing the door softly and bounding down stairs.

When I got dressed and went downstairs Jake was on my phone.


"Here." He said getting the tea from the microwave and handing back my phone.

As I searched my phone he had deleted all the bed text messages and set 1 as a speed dial to his phone.

"This is good." I said drinking the tea.


"Oh we have to go." Jake said handing me my backpack and sliding a shirt on.


When we got to school everybody seemed to be stareing at us. Jake then put a protective arm around me as we past by the football players. I felt their eyes stuck on me but then turned away when they saw Jake.

The first few periods went by like a blur. During passing time going to fifth period I saw him. Ben. My Ex. He caught my eyes as he started walking towards me.

"Hey baby." He said walking even closer to me. I then stepped back defensivly in to some lockers.

"Don't call me that." I said as others hurried off to class.

"Oh come on. Let's have some fun. You always had fun when I was with you." He said coming closer.

"Leave me alone." I said as I felt his breath on my face.

"Oh come on baby." He said legs now touching mine.

"She said leave me alone." I heard. The best voice ive ever heard.

"Oh and what are you gonna do about it huh?" Ben said backing away.

"Get away from her." Jake then said as I heard his feet coming closer.

"Go away your just a wast of space." Ben said as Jake and Ben sized up. They were both about the same size but Jake a bit bigger.

"Come on babe." Ben then said coming even closer to me. He then grabbed me hands and pinned them to the lockers as I struggled. He moved his legs so I couldn't kick him. He then pushed against my waist and grounded himself into me. Tears escaped my eyes. But just as fast as it started it ended. Jake then shouted and tackled him down. Jake then started punching him right in the face.

"She said leave her alone!" Jake shouted just as a new teacher came running out. Mr. Ground.

"Get off him." He shouted as more tears escaped my eyes.

Ben then flipped Jake over and started payback by punching him in the nose. Mr. Ground then tried pulling away Ben but was just pushed aside. I then tried breaking them up but I was pushed aside by Ben into the ground. The air wass knocked out of me. Nick then came running out of Mr. Ground's class room and held me close.

Nick was a friend who helped me along when I moved here. He was a friend I could realll trust. Besides Jake he was one that will always be there for me.

Nick then brought me close as I screamed and watched Jake get beat up. Mr. Ground then tackled Ben and pinned him to the ground. Jake laid there motionless.

"NOOO!" I screamed crying as Nick held me close. Jake then started coughing and spewing up blood.

"JAKE!!" I screamed trying to get out of Nick's grasp with no use.

"Get the nurse!" Somebody shouted as more door's started opening.

"Call the police!" Another shouted.

Nick then let go and I scrambled to Jake finding it hard to breath.

"Beca." He wispered over and over

"Shhhh. Im here." I wispered catching my breath between every few words and pulling Jake into my lap.

A few mintues later we heard sirens. In minutes Ben, Jake, and I were all taken into abulences.

"Noo!" I screamed as I watched them take Jake away from me and polive officers held me back.

I caught Jake's blue eyes just before he was taken away. I broke away from the officers only to have them get me laid down on the bed and strapped down, and slid into the abulence.

"Shhhhhh." One of the doctors soothed but making it only worse. I wanted Jake. I wanted him to hold me close and tell me everything is going to be ok even though it wasn't. The doctors then enjected me with a shot and darkness over came me.


When I woke up, I was in a light blue room. Again.


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