Speak Now

A story of silence, secrets, love and passion.

When I was born I was an "accident". That's what my parents always said. They were never around for me. I see all the other parents who hug their daughters. I don't think I can do this anymore....Help


2. A New Friend

Beca's POV

When I got to school the next morning I was then again hit with paper. But this one caught my eye. I picked it up and sat down in my seat. I opened the wrinkled paper.




 I then crinkled the paper back up again. This was a year ago all over again. I moved here so I could get away from all of this. I didn't dare let a tear slip out. When the bus pulled up to the school I hurried to my first class.  Emily wasn't here today. Then minutes after class started Emily burst through the door panting.

"Sorry I missed thebus and I ran." She said trying to breath between words.

"Its alright dont do it again. Alright class so the-." Mr. Fox then began.

I then drifted into my own world. This was all a review. I knew all this stuff they were just learning. When class ended Mr. Fox pulled me aside.

"Beca I see that you aren't focused in class. Why is that?" He asked looking at my through is hazel eyes.

"I already know all of this stuff." I replied wanting go.

"But that still means you have to focus. Alright?" He said making it clear that I need to focus.

"Yes sir." I mumbled under my breath and leaving the class room.

The rest of the day went by like a blur. Until lunch. I grabbed my lunch tray and looked for Emily. When I caught her red hair I sat down next to her at an empty table.

"Hey." I said cheerfully.

"Hi." She said playing with her food.

"What's wrong?" I asked pushing my slop away.


"Emily. Spill." I said staring at her.

"Im being bullied." she said. It didn't suprise me at all.

"Me too." I confessed.

"Really?" She said looking up.

"Yes." I said trying to keep the tears inside.

"So im not alone in this?" She said. That suprised me. Nobody is really alone. Well except for me.

"No, thats why I had moved here. But that didn't make much of a difference so far." I said pulling my sleves more up my hand.

"It just kinda started." She then said pushing her plate away.

"For me its throughtout my whole life." I said. "You just have to stay postive and stay strong. You are beautiful on the inside and out." I said smileing and getting up just as the bell rang for 5th period.

When the bus pulled up to my house I got down. I looked at the drive way. Great. Mom AND dad are home. When the bus pulled away I heard a crash. I stepped up to the grudgy home and I walked in and ducked. A bottle barely missed my head by an inch.

"Get over her you bitch!" My dad yelled. As I set my backpack down a prepared myself for the worse.

He punched me with much force in the lip making if split. He then kicked me making me fall. He then started kicking me in the stomach and then my face. He got my right in the eye. I let out a scream of pain. He then gave me a last kick to the gut and stormed out the back door leaving me there sobbing.

When I woke up there was dries tears on my face. I then crawled upstairs. When I mustered enough energy to stand up I was horrified. I had a black eye. My stomach was purple and bruised. My lip had dried blood all over it.

As I layed on my hard bed I thought,

Why couldn't have a normal life? Where my parents were there when I needed them. Where they actually cared for me. Where they loved me. Why did I have to have these stupid parents. They always drink all the time and abuse me. Why am I still here? No stop Beca. You can't start thinking like this. I could just runaway. Stop. Just stop Beca you have to stay strong and get through this. You can do this. Stop thinking all of these questions.

I then drifted off to sleep with questions to ask.

The next morning I grabbed a granola bar and went downstairs. Nobody was home thankfully. I then grabbed my Angles baseball hat and covered my eye as best as I can.

Nobody on the bus seemed to know. Until first period. Biology At the start of class Mr. Fox looked at me. I kept my eyes glued to my paper.

"Beca. Hats are not aloud in class. And you know that." He then said trying to look into my eyes.

"Sorry." I said looking down at my black and white converse.

"Beca take it off please." Mr fox then said waiting.

"No thanks." I said knowing that was a risky think to say to a teacher.

"Beca." He warned.

I then took it off. He gasped. Everybody seemed to have their eyes on me.

"Beca?" He said staring at me. I looked at him. Tears filled my eyes. I then ran out of the class and down the hall. Tears streaming down my face.

"Beca!" He shouted. I kept running.

He just noticed me. He was my best friend years ago in California. I wanted to move here because I knew he was here. But he didn't remember me until now.

I dashed outside. Rain pelted my skin. I looked behind me I saw Jake running down the hall and Mr. Fox on the phone. I looked to the right. A teacher was around the corner looking for me. I ran to the left into the forest. I then heard Jake burst through the double doors and his feet catching up to me.

I sprinted into the forest. I knew the forest like the back of my hand. I then heard Jake still behind me. Once I knew the check point where people in the school couldn't see me I looked behind me. Jake was hot of my heels. I then tripped over a tree root. Jake then caught me into his arms as we both went down. He held me in his arms tightly as I cried myself in his shoulder. He then rocked me back and forth just like he did when I found out he had to move. He knew everything about me. He knew how my parents were. Every secret I had. Once my breathing slowed he stopped rocking me. Only to have me start again.

"Shhhhh." He soothed.

"Jake!? Beca?!" I heard Mr. Fox shout and leaves rustling.

"Come on." I said grabbing his hand and out of his lap and pulling him more back into the forest.

As we ran deeper I stopped at a large tree. My tree. I then started climbing on its low branches. When we got up high enough Mr. Fox looked around right below us. His breaths were heavy as he started back to the school. Jake and I then climbed down to the ground.

"My mom is going to kill me." Jake said noticing what he then said. "Sorry I didn't mean it that way-." He said as I looked up.

"Its ok." I said as he wrapped his arms around me. I then started shaking. It was still raining and cold.

"Here." Jake said starting to take off his jacket.

"No its ok." I said also noticing he was wearing a short sleved shirt.

"Beca." he said putting his jacket around me.

"Thanks." I said as we started back home.

"Here ill walk you home." He said smiling.

When we got home the police were there interviewing my dad.

"No Jake I can't." I said stopping dead in my tracks.

"Shhh you can do this alright. I won't ever let him hurt you again." He said kissing me on my forehead and taking my hand.

"There." I heard my dad shout as a tear escaped from my face. Jake looked down at me. There was guilt in his blue eyes.

"HOW COULD YOU JUST RUN AWAY LIKE THAT?!?!" He shouted and kicked me in the shin making me fall. Jake then kneeled down to see my eyes. The police were then all shouting at him. Jake then looked into my eyes seeing if I was ok. He then stood up and punched dad right in the face and picked me up and carried me into the house. The cops then were holding back my yelling dad. Once we got into the house Jake seemed to know exactly where my room was. He sat on my bed and rocked me back and forth as I cried my self to sleep in his arms.

When I woke up I was in a room ive never been in before. When I sat up I saw Jake next to me in a chair on his iphone.

"Jake?" I asked as he looked up. He then put his phone on sleep and held my hand and smiled.

"You alright?" He asked knowing I have many questions to ask.

"Where am I?" I asked as he grinned.

"In my room." I looked around. His walls were painted a dark blue. Then I noticed one of his bigger walls. It was covered with all of the pictures we have ever taken together. I smiled and stood up and walked over to the wall. Jake followed me and  put his arm around me. The wall was completely covered in pictures we had together throughout our childhood. I grinned at each one.

"You like it?" He asked  going behind me and wrapping his around round me.

I felt safe for once in my life and happy. Only Jake has ever made me happy.





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