The immortal girl *one direction*

A girl named angel didn't know she was immortal until the day she met...Harry styles. He was in a band called one direction, and he was a vampire meaning he could tell who's immortal and who's not. Read on to find out what happens and please no hate this is my first movella.


12. what the fuck?

angels pov

i walk back into the bedroom and chuck curly the positive A blood bag "thanks love" harry says "whatever" i say flopping on the bed "umm angel can you ugh comeonadatewithme?" harry asks sinking under the duvet of my my bed "okay" i say popping the tube off of the bag "huh alright but i was........wait did you just say yes?" harry says looking at me straiht in the eye "uh yeah" i say with a bit of blood sliding down my chin. Harry licks it off and i blush "thanks" i whisper "ha no problamo" harry says resting his head on my shoulder "umm angel, do you like me for me? or famous Harry styles?" harry asks "thats a stupid question, but i like you for u. not your money and looks" i say finishing th bag "ye-" harry was cut off by loud banging and moaning from next door 'AWKWAARRDD" i say laughing "yeah" harry says faster this time "ha" i say as the room got silent "umm did you want to go to sleep?" harry asks "yeah goodnight curly?" i say lying down and rolling on my side facing harry "oh baby aby dont you know you got what i need, looking so good from your head to your feet comma come over here, yeh, oh i just want to show you off to all of my friends, making them drrol down their chinny chin chins, baby be mine tonight mine tonight yeah" harry sang softly and soon i was taken away by sleepness.



i awake to see closed eyes in fron of me with no top 'how did i get such a beauty?' i thought

tanishas pov

last night was F.U.N. buuuutttt i feel REALLY sick. and my period is due today but hasnt come yet. i usually get them in the mornings. but im sure it will come round soon enough:]


angels pov

i get up and take a shower and get dressed into black and purple skinny jeans, with an over sized sweater my shoulder hangs out on. i roll my hair and go downstairs to see johanna and mark on the floor with a pool of blood around them "AHHHH.....dont you fucking die on me, dont you dare die on me" i say "they arent coming back your 'highness'" a girls voice says "oh yeah and your not gonna come back either!" i say following her scent and find a girl with her towards me obviously not knowing im here. i speed up behind her "hello sweet cheeks!" i say biting into he neck and feelig the warm liquid pour down my neck "dog!" i say ripping out the scar of a werewolf. i start to cry and run out of the house and to the place Mark always took me to.

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