The immortal girl *one direction*

A girl named angel didn't know she was immortal until the day she met...Harry styles. He was in a band called one direction, and he was a vampire meaning he could tell who's immortal and who's not. Read on to find out what happens and please no hate this is my first movella.


5. The fake marriage

Angels POV
"Whaa?!?" Harry says "umm yeah we're getting married ugh in uhh umm-" I was cut off by the wolf saying "pfft by the way your stuttering I can tell yous ain't getting married so why don't you marry me?" He says coming closer to me "because your just a wolf not a hybrid" I growl "soo doesn't stop u from marrying me" he says taking the last step to be and a metre away "fuck I can't come anywhere near you my queen I know we are getting married so there is no point in putting a shield around you harry and your bitchy non helping mother" he growls "uh huh you did not just say that" I yell half growling "oh yes I did bitch" he says turning into wolf form "oh hoh that's it dog it's on" I charge at him and put my hand through his chest he turns into human "what the fuck you take my heart out I will-" too late I pulled his heart out and threw it at harry he caught it and sucked from it "your welcome" I growl at the now dead body "fuck you, ya dead piece a shit" I say spitting on the lifeless body. Then I hear 4-5 growls behind me, harry and my mother "UGH FUCK OFF WILL YA YOU PESKY DOGS" I say turning atound and I see 10 wolves walking towards us "oh you want a piece of us now do ya" my mother says in fighting stance same with harry I shrug my shoulders and charge with my mom and harry "YOU KNOW WHAT!! I NEVER SHOULD IF COME HERE IN TGE FURST PLACE" my mom says as the wolves back down because I crushed their alpha's windpipe "your the one who wanted me to be adopted you piece of shit" I yell at my mother. She charges at me but I put a shield around me and harry "YOU FUCKING BITCHILL KILL YOU" she says I walk up to her and put my hand through her chest although she's dead vampires do need beatless heart to survive "NO mom I WILL KILL YOU" I say pulling the cold heart out of her chest and watching as she explodes in to thin air "huhhh" I start to cry "it's okay babe" harry says, I stop crying and face harry "your so pretty when you cry when you cry wasn't ready to hear you say goodbye now your tearing me apart tearing me apart your tearing me apart" he sang to me as I dig my face into his chest while he cradled me "you have a wonderful voice harry" I smiled because that was the first time I called him harry "did u just call me byy my name?" Asks picking me up like I weighed nothing. I giggled "yeah" he takes me to my room "harry?" I say laying on my bed while harry cleaned the ends of my hair out because of the blood "yeah babe" he says looking at me "umm do you like me?" I ask stuttering "ugh yeah a lot" he says looking down at the tips of my hair again "I do too" I say blushing "ya do?" He asks "hehe yeah I do" I say looking into his eyes "ANGEL!!!" Louis yells "UMM YEAH" I yell not taking my eyes off of harry "there's someone here for you" he says calmly "umm I don't know anyone apart from you louis and Niall oh and tanisha:)" I say getting up slowly "do you want me to come angel" harry says "ugh yeah please" I day letting him go first out the door. I close the door and walk downstairs. When I get there I see........
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